Scoreboard Assistant

Non-Free Scoreboard Assistant 1.2.2

  • Beam.Pro has been REMOVED as a service. You should open up your config.xml file and delete references to it before opening the application.
  • Mixer has been ADDED as a service.
  • BUG FIX: the League of Legends tab has been updated with their new API changes. It will now properly change your data when you select a different league in the dropdown menu.
  • BUG FIX: fixed a bug where peak viewers on twitch were not always updated properly.
  • Updated support for Beam and their new TLS systems.
  • Updated support for Hitbox and their rebranding to Streamcast.
  • BUG FIX: fixed a bug with the 4-player scoreboards where they were outputting information from the wrong fields.
  • Added a whole bunch of new scoreboard tabs with image selectors. This includes a 4 player scoreboard with image selectors, as well as 2 player scoreboards with 1, 2 or 3 character selectors! This means if you are playing a game where players select multiple characters, such as Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 or Skullgirls, you can now select those characters in the scoreboard.
  • Removed the "down arrow" from image selectors on scoreboards to save space. Just click on the image to change it.
  • Field "name" column widths are now automatic. This means if for instance, you change the field name for "Player 1", to "P1", the next time you restart the application, the width of that column will shrink down to fit that smaller size. Again, for space saving.
  • Removed the 1200px max-width from the program. You can now have the scoreboard stretch as big as you wish.
  • Added support for Beam.Pro as an external service. I don't really know anyone who uses Beam, but I know its very popular in the Minecraft community; which is probably why Microsoft bought it 2 months ago...
  • Updated Twitch for the v5 API changes. Previous versions of this addon will no longer work with Twitch past next February.
  • Completely rewrote how garbage collection is handled in external service. In the past, if you failed to connect to an external service, there was a chance that you could never connect to that service again, until you restarted the app. This change fixes that.
  • Timeouts have been shortened to 5 seconds (previously was 15). This means when you send an update to an external service it will only "lock down" the program for a maximum number of 5 seconds.
  • Fixed 400: Bad Request errors with YouTube when your stream description contains any line breaks.
  • Added scroll bars to the collection editor.
This is a long requested update to this software. With this new version, you can now edit the collections databases of your fields from within the application!

In the old version, if you wanted to edit the databases of text, you would have to close the program, open up the corresponding text files and edit them directly. Now you can do this directly in the collections menu by right clicking the "Save" button on each panel.
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  • Fixed a bug that would crash the program when trying to edit the text output of the Title field of external services.
  • Added ClientID information to Twitch Kraken API requests. This will fix the "ERROR" text people have been getting since yesterday.
  • Made the score fields on scoreboards slightly bigger to fit 3 digits.
  • Added support for YouTube as an external service.
    • This tab only supports your YouTube Stream Now stream, it does not support "Event" streams. When you log in, it will automatically fetch your stream now information.
    • You can not change the game you are streaming, the YouTube API does not support this. As such, I've replaced the text box with the stream description.
    • You can not run commercials yet, the YouTube API does not support this.
  • YouTube, Twitch and Hitbox now output relevant data to XML files (and text/images if you select it). So now you can display counts of viewers, follows, etc if you so wished.
  • Hitbox now supports Open Authentication. This means the application will no longer ask for your username and password to login to Hitbox. It will instead as for permission rights and retrieve an access token for your account.
  • You can now run commercials in Hitbox, as well as schedule commercials.
  • Windows 10 sucks... and Scoreboard Assistant sucks on Windows 10. This update makes it suck less.
  • By popular request, all text editable combo boxes are now CASE-SENSITIVE.
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