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Non-Free Scoreboard Assistant 1.2.2

This addon is no longer supported as it has been replaced by a free, cross-platform, web based interface:


Scoreboard Assistant is available at VARIABLE pricing. What does this mean? It means you pay what you want. It could be $0.01, it could be $100... it's all about how much you appreciate the work I've done for the various streaming communities. The average is currently $0.14.​
What Scoreboard Assistant Does:

Scoreboard Assistant is a program that writes text, images and XML files to help streamers quickly update their scoreboards, lower thirds and various other stream information. By default, it will only output XML files; but convenient settings will allow you to output as text files, which are easier to use in OBS. And of course, you can also output as image files, which are easier to use in XSplit.​
Naturally, there is a learning curve to using this program... but the original aim of this program is to streamline your stream, after you've gotten everything set up. When I'm streaming tournaments, I sometimes need to be able to leave the stream for a few minutes. Using Scoreboard Assistant, which is the most popular streaming tool in the Fighting Game community, pretty much anyone can run the stream while I am gone.​
If you want to see an example of how I use Scoreboard Assistant, check out this guide:​

Scoreboard Assistant uses a modular tab system. It has several built-in tabs, and as the user, you can add and remove tabs at will. You can even add multiple tabs of the same type, using different databases of data.​
  • 2-player Scoreboard
  • 2-player Scoreboard (1 image)
  • 2-player Scoreboard (2 image)
  • 2-player Scoreboard (3 image)
  • 4-player Scoreboard
  • 4-player Scoreboard (1 image)
  • 4-player Scoreboard (2 image)
  • Text Fields
  • Lower Thirds
  • Image Select (4)
  • Image Select (8)
  • Counters (ie: death counter)
  • Clocks and Timers
  • Music Scrubber
  • PC Resource Monitor
  • Twitch.TV
  • Hitbox.TV
  • YouTube Stream Now
  • Twitter
  • Challonge (API Key)
  • League of Legends (API Key)

This tutorial is up to date as of v1.1.7​

  • Extract the download package
  • Run the included executable

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Pound for Pound, the best for updating scores for streamers.
Excellent Tool for managing Melee/Brawl/PM Streams with 2P/4P scenes, and even toggle individual character stock icons with the Image Select feature! New Hotfix was fast and effecient, I can't wait to see what new feature(s) next!
Program is very intuitive and easy to use, updates overlays instantly without having to use clunky plugins for obs or xsplit. I've used every version since initial release and can't wait for what's next!