Scoreboard Assistant

Non-Free Scoreboard Assistant 1.2.2

  • There is now a "Counters" tab. With the release of Dark Souls III coming soon, I figure it would be nice to have. Its a simple tab, with 4 counters. If you need text with it, I recommend just using the Scoreboard tabs.
  • Clicking the Twitch/Hitbox buttons on the Twitter tab will now append the URLs to the stream at the end of the status message.
  • BUG FIX: fixed a bug that crashes the program if a Challonge match has a negative score.
I also just added a new guide on animations, you should check it out!
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  • Added a new "Scoreboard (2p) ++" tab item. This new tab item includes an image select database.
  • Image select databases now support JPG and GIF images, as well as PNG. All outputs will be saved as .png images, but they will work either way... animations for GIF images will remain intact.
  • BUG FIX: Challonge tabs will now properly retain output settings/
One of these days, I will redo the tutorial videos... someone needs to keep bugging me about it so I get around to it...
  • Added an EIGHT image version of the Image Select tab. This was a highly requested option (well actually, a 5 image version was most requested (for League of Legends), but 8 works best for Smash Bros). However, due to the amount of space required for the 8 image version; the "swap" buttons are not included in this specific tab.
  • The Music Player tab has been updated a bit and supports a few more programs including Last.FM! There is also now a "default" text that appears on the format text box to help convey its function.
  • There is now a CHALLONGE tab! The challonge tab outputs progress reports for a challonge bracket... including recent match results and upcoming matches.
Just a quick update that fixes the bug where Score 3 and Score 4 output settings on the 4-player scoreboard are not saved when existing the program.
In the upcoming days, I will be putting some new FAQs together to help new users figure things out. This is a very powerful application, but people are having issues recognizing the breadth of it's abilities. If you appreciate this application, please consider giving it a favorable (5 stars) review here on OBSproject:

  • There is now a "PC Monitor" tab item. This tab shows some basic cpu performance details including processor usage, memory usage, hard drive free space and write speeds, as well as throughput of network adapters.
  • There is now a "Music Player" tab item. The music player scrubber will monitor for specific programs and try to extract relevant information about that song. You can then output that music information using various keywords such as {song}, {artist}, {album} and {state}. Not all services support all keywords; and Nightbot even supports {song2} and {artist2} for information about the next requested song; if you use AutoDJ.
  • There is now a "League of Legends" tab item. This tab will allow you to easily retrieve summoner information; such as your league division and rank. Riot will probably not approve this app, since they don't approve non-free applications, so the tab will ask you to enter an API key in order to use it. Thankfully, you can very easily get an API key here:
  • You can now download a list of the most popular games from Twitch/Hitbox. This will help you populate your game list with some relevant games. This option is accessible in the "Save" right-click context menu.
  • The Hitbox 30 second update process will now run asynchronously like the Twitch version. This means it won't hold the program hostage while its fetching an update.
  • BUG FIX: Fixed a small error notice on the image select tabs that complains about missing output images, instead of missing input images.
  • There is now an option for EACH tab to automatically backup new stored data when the program closes.
  • New "Clock / Timers" tab! This new tab has 3 different timers: your system time, a count-up stopwatch, and a count-down stopwatch. All three fields can be customized using various DateTime/TimeSpan formatting string options. The output files output not only the custom formatting string, but also the seconds since Unix Epoch (offset by time zone). They can also be used without file writing, in case you don't need that.
  • Implemented EVEN BETTER Twitch Kraken API failure recognition. The Twitch Kraken API is awful and tends to time out a lot. I've also increased the time-out interval to 15 seconds to help alleviate the slow responses from the Twitch Kraken API. The program will also do a better job of informing the user that the request timed out without interrupting normal use.
  • Added some better cleanup for dispatchers on tab removal.
  • BUG FIX: Fixed a bug where you could not use text-output with Player 4 in the Versus (4p) tab.
This new version includes a new version of the Xceed Extended WPF Toolkit library; make sure you copy over the included library or the program will not work.
  • You can now "refresh" channel data within Twitch and Hitbox tabs. Doing so will replace the contents of your status and game text boxes with the current contents of your channel.
  • Twitch tabs will now properly check to see if you are a Twitch partner and then enable/disable features depending on your partner status.
  • Twitch tabs will now do a better job at showing to you how long its been since the last time you ran an ad. As per usual, you can only run 1 ad every 10 minutes.
  • You can now run ads at automatic intervals through Twitch. This feature is accessible in the right-click context menu of the run ads button.
  • Every field in the program can now be split using "||" (except image selections of course). As per usual, the first half of the split goes into "A" and the second half goes into "B".
  • You can now choose between using "A" data or "B" data in Scoreboard copy buttons. This setting is control in the Config Options > Edit Copy Text screen.
  • You can now use the up/down arrow keys to scroll scores up and down on Scoreboard tabs.
  • You can now use keyboard characters to search the image list on Image Select tabs.
  • If your config file fails to load for some reason (I dunno, you're editing it and did something wrong?), it will now do error checks and attempt to load the rest of the config file.
  • I also reordered a few of the elements in all the tabs to make using the Tab key on your keyboard more logical.
  • BUG FIX: Fixed a bug where the labels for "Match" and "Player 2" would get swapped on a 2p Scoreboard.
  • BUG FIX: Fixed a bug where combobox dropdown data lists would sometimes not get updated.
  • BUG FIX: You can ACTUALLY set commercial lengths now in Twitch; and up to 3 minutes!
  • By request from @unseeingeye, you can now change the text within the label fields of each tab. This text is changed using the "Text Config" feature for each field. Change to label contents will not appear till the next time you restart the application. As well, keep in mind the limited space for text; so keep your custom labels short.
  • In addition to the existing "image" and "text" output format options, the program will now automatically output an XML file (in the update folder root). These XML files make it easier to batch process animated fields on your stream using javascript, actionscript or whatever custom method you use to display your texts. The XML output format is ALWAYS ON; meaning whether you select image output or text output, the XML output will always be on as well.
  • There is now an option to change the output format to "XML-only". This is now the default option for text configs for new fields (new tabs), or fields in which you have not previously set any custom settings. If you want to keep using the old individual files for each field, you need to re-enable either "image" or "text output format options.
  • The XML outputs also include a "timestamp", which records the time in which the XML file was created. This makes it easier to process animations.
  • Each tab now has a new checkbox for "Visible:True"; which is checked by default each time you restart the program. This is technically just an arbitrary Boolean field that you can use for anything you want by reading it from the XML outputs. On my streams, I use it to tell my lower thirds to "go away".
  • Because of the new XML output option, there is now the ability to backup data from image select tabs.
  • The "Run Ad" button on Twitch and Hitbox tabs will now count the number of minutes since you last ran an ad.
  • BUG FIX: Fixed a bug where image outputs failed and crashed the program if you set custom bold or italics settings.
  • BUG FIX: Fixed a bug where image select tabs will crash the program if no images exist in the input folders. The program will prompt the user of the error and inform them how to populate the image database.

This video shows some examples of animated stream overlays, and why I've added these new XML features.
This is actually a SIGNIFICANT update. Your database of "default text" will get wiped out after this update. You will have to reset these settings the next time you run the program. A video summary of this update can be found here:

  • Program will remember window size and location for the next time you load up the program.
  • Editing default text settings has been moved away from double clicking the label for that text and is instead behind a context menu you can reach by right clicking the save button on each tab.
  • For those who prefer it, there is now an option to output files as images instead of text documents. This setting is on a field-by-field basis and can be edited from the same dialog box you reach from editing default text settings.
  • Remember that default text settings are not saved automatically. You need to right click the context menu and selected "Backup Data" to save your settings for that tab into the next session.
  • There is now an "IMAGE SELECT" tab item you can create. This tab will automatically load up the list of PNG images in your DB folder. Selected images will be copied to statically named output files.
  • BUG FIX: fixed an issue where those outside of the US could not complete the authorization flow to Twitch. Older versions of Scoreboard Assistant will no longer be able to authorize with Twitch... sorry, but that is just how Twitch's terrible authorization flow works.
The video file I posted above also includes a quick and dirty example of using Javascript and CLR Browser to add animations to your stream using Scoreboard Assistant.
  • You can no longer create multiple tabs that share the same DB ID. Doing so gets in the way of some of the other features added in this update.
  • All combo boxes (drop-down text fields) are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Twitch/Hitbox tab pages will now display the viewer count directly in the tab header when you are live. This way you dont have to keep switching back to the tab to see your viewer count.
  • Twitter/Twitch/Hitbox tab pages now all have a [T] button on their pages that allow you to quickly embed text from any Text Fields tab pages directly into their statuses.
  • Twitter tab pages now have buttons similar to the [T] button, but for copying Twitch/Hitbox statuses.
  • BUG FIX: Fixed a bug which prevented you from editing default text on Lower Third tab pages.
  • BUG FIX: Fixed a bug which occurred if you tried to create a tab DB ID that started with a number... by simply not allowing it.