• Fixed bug when audio not outputting after OBS is started
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  • Added Volume control over transition scene.
  • Added audio fade control for scene A & scene B
  • Added various locales:
    • Danish [Credit: jegadk]
    • Dutch [Credit: Silverlink & WaldoAndFriends]
    • German [Credit: Lercer]
    • Japanese [Credit: Youji]
  • Fixed a few locale references
• Added transition scene audio to final audio mix.
• Added localisation for others to translate.
• Added Spanish locale file. [Credit: COOLIGUAY]
• Fixed Media Sources cutting off at transition point.
• Fixed the 'Filter To Trigger' option resetting to the default when the properties is opened.
• Fixed the 'Preview Transition' only working one time unless you change a setting or reopen the properties.