Recording Notification

OBS Python Recording Notification 2.0

  • Now the notification window is running in parallel in another thread, so OBS can execute all the events whitout conflicting with the script. #8
  • Right click on the window will open a menu to Pause and Stop the recording easily.
How it works:
When the 'Start recording' button is pressed a popup window appears on top of the screen showing you that OBS is recording You can left-click and drag the window to position it. This script was made using Python and tkinter library.

  • You can enable or disable the Timer in the properties
  • The window sticks to the edges of the screen.
  • Pause and unpause supported
  • The window is always on top (*negative feature: full screen programs are not supported :c )
  • Download the python-3.6.8-embed-amd64.rar that includes a Python compatible package with the necessary libraries.
  • Open OBS and go to - Tools - Scripts.
  • Configure the Python installation path by selecting the extracted folder.
  • Go to Scripts tab, click the + button and add the "" file.
  • Restart OBS and hit Start Recording.
OBS_rec_notification_and_timer_v2.0 (GitHub Download)