Phos theme

Phos theme 2018-02-20

Phos theme for OBS Studio UI.

Dark but still greenish theme for OBS Studio (v21.0.1 and up).
Phos as 7z archive:

Phos.7z (~0.4 MBytes)

archive MD5: AB2E0C21C716D18DDE0CEC918F86AB87
archive SHA256: 43AF7E80599653E914672DB72B26719A12E23763C8A06FCEDDA1C1773F625C99

How to install?
  1. Open OBS Studio main menu File>Show Settings Folder
  2. File explorer should open application's settings folder, there you need to create new folder named "themes" (if you already have one - just ignore this)
  3. Download Phos.7z archive and unpack the file Phos.qss and the folder Phos to the folder themes(from p.2)
    • ...
    • profiler_data
    • themes
      • Phos
      • Phos.qss
    • updates
    • ...
  4. Restart OBS Studio. New theme should appear under the Settings>General>Theme named "Phos"
  5. Choose the "Phos" theme and if required - restart OBS Studio to save the changes.
Was tested on Windows platform only.
Known issues(I), short info(SI) and possible workaround(PW) under the spoiler:

I: Menus text is not aligned, in some places only.
SI: (QTBUG-90242). Checkable menus are shifted to the right. Qt 5.14-5.15 only affected.
PW: The OBS 27.0.0 for Windows uses Qt 5.15.2 and fully affected by this issue. Previous builds of the OBS for Windows shipped with the Qt 5.10.1 (no bug). Developers of the Qt says that v6+ may solve this. No workaround found.​

I: Sources icons are missing.
SI: Phos is so old theme that they simply turns into a sand...​
PW: Use default theme. This was my decision to not draw small gems. In other words: "Kann verbrennen, kann dich blenden...".​

I: Docked tab's text may clip if pane's size too small.
SI: (QTBUG-50637) At least Qt 5.15.0 needed to solve this.
PW: Resize docked pane to make the tabs text fully visible. The OBS 27.0.0 for Windows uses Qt 5.15.2 and not affected by this issue​

I: Audio and Advanced pages from the Settings has colored warnings messages at the bottom and the warning triangle sign picture is missing.
SI: This is in the code - because of long development. Usually, when you program things too long - some strange strings were written in the code and then forgotten.​
PW: Changes in the code required. I did some style overriding whenever it was possible, but this all I can do right now.​

I: When switching between the themes some part of the interface has previous color tint, for example Volume Meter ticks.
SI: Application uses custom methods to handle some UI drawing, so styles not updated.​
PW: Restart OBS Studio after new theme applied.​

I: Disabled drop-down list (for example Rescale Output) looks way different when it becomes enabled and editable. Thin or something like this.
SI: I have only guess on this. This is all about Qt that is used in OBS Studio. The QComboBox widget (editable drop-down list) consist of few elements/classes and some sub-elements doesn't inherits the state of the main widget when its state changes from disabled to enabled. They are drawn disabled (as QLineEdit) or Qt caches this style. The reverse - when widget was created "enabled", the transition: enable-disable-enable - acts normal.​
PW: No workaround found up to Qt 5.10.1. Maybe Qt bug or I did spend too much time on this stylesheet programming and thus miss obvious solution...​

Let me know if you have better solutions of the known problems that fits the stylesheet programming.

Sources to modify this theme:
Phos source folder (~1.8 MBytes to download, compressed into "Phos themes for obs.7z" file)
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