Open Broadcaster Software Studio Multiplatform Help Guide [PDF]

Open Broadcaster Software Studio Multiplatform Help Guide [PDF]

Open Broadcaster Software Studio (Multiplatform) Help Guide

the Help Guide was designed to getting up quicker with new OBS Studio (Multiplatform)*

OBS Studio Help Guide 2021-06-11.pdf (~8.30 MB)

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Guide's pages are interactive, download and open the document to navigate by PDF cross-links.
*some parts of the document still under development as OBS Studio itself.
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Latest reviews

Thanks for having an instruction manual!
This "guide" is more of a tour guide. It doesn't really cover the advanced recording settings, and even has sections dedicated to classic OBS despite having "Studio" and "Multi-platform" put on the title.

I appreciate help; however, i do not appreciate the same incomplete help that i have found everywhere else.
Great thank you
deserves to be on front page +1, excellent resource
Thank you
Took awhile to find this but I got it.
THANK YOU! Should be on the front page of the site!
Hacia falta una documentación oficial, muy buen trabajo!
Toward needed official documentation, very good work!