What is the meaning of the "Base (Canvas) Resolution" option in v0.13.0?

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When the Base (Canvas) Resolution is lower then output (for example 320x180 and output is 1280x720) then with the Fit to screen or Stretch to Screen option image will be resized downto 320x180 (even if the Source resolution is 2048x1536) and upscaled to 1280x720 to match the output settings.

Some images:
OBS_canvas_FAQ1_result.jpg OBS_canvas_FAQ2_result.jpg
If it works as on pictures then:

Can you make interface more user friendly, please.
  1. Suggestion #1: rename the "Base (Canvas) Resolution:" to "Canvas Size:". And add hint "set the resolution to match output's aspect ratio".
  2. Suggestion #2: rename option "Enable Preview" to "Enable Canvas Preview" in the main window. It is not an output preview (aspect ratio in output can be different).
  3. Suggestion #3: completly remove Output (Scaled) Resolution settings from the Video settings. Transfer it to the Output settings. Make right under the Output Mode[Simple, Advanced] new option Streaming & Recording Output Resolution. Remove Rescale Output checkbox under the Output Mode [Advanced] for the Streaming tab. And rename "Rescale Output" checkbox to "Override Output Resolution" under the Output Mode [Advanced] for the Recording tab.
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Out of curiosity, why are you outputting at a different aspect ratio than the base resolution? I would expect that if the base resolution is 16:9, you wouldn't want an output to be squished to 4:3 or something.

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Ok. Let me explain some things. I have 1280x1024 display (5:4). But I want to stream in 16:9. I have a game ("Back to Bed", Steam). It is Unity based. Last game update corrupted video layer for me: (I can choose 1280x720 in game but this is a "fake" resolution, I can see my steam overlay at the bottom and the top of my screen and obs capture transform edit... dialog says size:1280x1024). Previous build of the game hasn't such issue. Actually I'm looking for the "crop" feature in the transform edit... dialog of the OBS MP. Of course, I can save the full screen and edit(crop) it later. I'm not a streamer but good program must be good at self.

If I want to crop my camera input? What to do?

Edit: Oops.. I found it! Uder the filter dialog there is the Crop filter (0.13.1-rc1). Nothing to worry about. Well, it was quite illogical for me to make crop settings under the Filters menu, not under the Transform menu. Anyway, thank you for OBS MP.

As for game itself... It has another bug - it switches to 640x480 resolution when I alt tabbing to the desktop that makes my task even more harder to complete. Some dev patches brings more troubles than solutions:(
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