Phos Light theme

Phos Light theme 2018-02-20

Phos Light theme for OBS Studio UI.

Greenish theme for OBS Studio (v21.0.1 and up).
Phos Light as 7z archive:

Phos Light.7z (~0.4 MBytes)

archive MD5: C75DD7E57769384F439A5344F87093B3
archive SHA256: DE75609D8F7C8064A8E1597750B94E860B683F70FC0CBC16F43E5272166474B5

How to install?
  1. Open OBS Studio main menu File>Show Settings Folder
  2. File explorer should open application's settings folder, there you need to create new folder named "themes" (if you already have one - just ignore this)
  3. Download Phos Light.7z archive and unpack the file Phos Light.qss and the folder PhosL to the folder themes (from p.2)
    • ...
    • profiler_data
    • themes
      • PhosL
      • Phos Light.qss
    • updates
    • ...
  4. Restart OBS Studio. New theme should appear under the Settings>General>Theme named "Phos Light"
  5. Choose the "Phos Light" theme and if required - restart OBS Studio to save the changes.
Was tested on Windows platform only.
Known issues(I), short info(SI) and possible workaround(PW) under the spoiler:

I: Docked tab's text may clip if pane's size too small.
SI: Docked panes tabs is a bit franky now. At least one opened bug for Qt is present. Nothing I can do to fix this right now.​
PW: Resize docked pane to make tabs text fully visible.​

I: Docked tabs has different outlook. No border.
SI: Limitation of the Qt styling for the docked tabs. The pane covered/substituted by general widget.​
PW: Use "default" theme.​

I: Some icons were left from default theme (tray, "no sources" message...) but tools and buttons has new look.
SI: Tray icon was considered by developers to be dark... always.​
PW: Recompile application using different set of the base icons.​

I: The sources pane and filters list has strange bright color for selection ("Phos Light" theme). It differ a lot from all other UI.
SI: The part of the code to allow text color inversion (in labels) is missing. The item's own text field is empty and never used, thus standard method doesn't work.​
PW: No workaround found. Changes to source code required.​

I: Audio and Advanced pages from Settings has colored warnings and the sign picture is missing.
SI: This is in the code - because of long development. Usually, when you program things too long - some strange strings were written in the code and then forgotten.​
PW: Changes in the code required. I did some style overriding whenever it was possible, but this all I can do right now.​

I: When switching between themes some part of the interface has previous color tint, for example Volume Meter ticks.
SI: Application uses custom methods to handle some UI drawing, so styles not updated.​
PW: Restart OBS Studio after new theme applied.​

I: Disabled drop-down list (for example Rescale Output) looks way different when it becomes enabled and editable. Thin or something like this.
SI: I have only guess on this. This is all about Qt that is used in OBS Studio. The QComboBox widget (editable drop-down list) consist of few elements/classes and some sub-elements doesn't inherits the state of the main widget when its state changes from disabled to enabled. They are drawn disabled (as QLineEdit) or Qt caches this style. The reverse - when widget was created "enabled", the transition: enable-disable-enable - acts normal.​
PW: No workaround found up to Qt 5.10.1. Maybe Qt bug or I did spend too much time on this stylesheet programming and thus miss obvious solution...​

Let me know if you have better solutions of the known problems that fits the stylesheet programming.

Sources to modify this theme:
Phos source folder (~1.78 MBytes compressed into "Phos themes for obs.7z" file)
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