Open Broadcaster Software Studio Multiplatform Help Guide [PDF]

Open Broadcaster Software Studio Multiplatform Help Guide [PDF]

This update issued to bring you new Guide and to alert users of the coming changes (it was personal request from the @Banyarola).

Few words about the future of the Guide itself.
I'll try to make future updates of the Guide on each major version of the application release. But this updates should come out without notification "new update available!" (just check for the download link after each new OBS Studio major version release).
This is intended move and I have cause to doing this.
The Guide itself not aiming at professionals and thus brings only brief info about changes and available features of the OBS Studio. If you have been using OBS Studio for a some time you hardly find something new in this Guide for yourself.

The Guide has perfect ability to find any term because of all in one file.
It still in PDF for compatibility purposes and still has too many pages to read...

With best wishes, Suslik V.

The latest draft and old versions available at