Phos theme

Phos theme 2018-02-20

Theme files adjusted to be compatible with v23.0.0

To update: download archive, unpack and replace all your old Phos theme files with newer ones.

  • Scroll's handle at minimum moved faster than mouse (Scroll's margins adjusted)
  • Slider's handle had small clipping when drawn (Slider's margins now expanded)
  • Collapse/Expand icon for the Group of sources was incorrectly centered for high DPI displays (default font size for internal unused element now set)
  • Decoration of the Edit lines boxes in read-only state
  • Web link's colors
  • Scroll's handle minimum size increased (it was very small at minimum)
  • New ghraphic elements from v23.0.0 (About window, Remux dialog)
  • Preview background color. Now is about 70% grey, that is close to original (previously it was not configurable)

And some other minor changes.
Yeah, it was unexpected for me too. But the application's UI was changed right after the release candidate 1 issued.

Update is compatible with v21.0.1, so you can safely overwrite your Phos theme files right now.

  • Color background for error message under the Settings>Audio removed.
  • Resolution of the icons increased for the standalone dialog messages (scaled up UI improvements)

Some other minor changes.
Issued, mainly to support new OBS Studio v22.0.0 and scaled up UI on high resolution displays.
This update is compatible with the v21.0.1, so you can safely overwrite your existing Phos theme files right now.

  • Support for the scaled up display interface (tested when default scale was set to 150%).
  • Resolution of the add/sub graphics elements of the QSpinboxes were changed
  • Vertical orientation of the QSlider widget (the add-page/sub-page colors were swapped)
  • New graphics elements from v22.0.0 (Group's expand/collapse icon)

Some other minor changes.