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  • Fixed the script not working on OS X);
  • Fixed Reset Formatting Button not working;
  • Increased Update Delay (ms) max value to 10 seconds.
  • Massive Architectural Overhaul. Half of the script is rewritten. Should provide more stability and will be easier to maintain it for me;
  • Release version is now precompiled and consists of just one file, so it's easier to add the script to OBS;
  • ljsocket library is updated to latest commit acb3bc3 from Sep 1, 2022;
  • Now uses dkjson library v2.6 for handling export to json;
  • Fixed a bug when text source was updated twice in one tick;
  • Added new minor formatting variables: $date_time, $date, $date, $date_time, $cpu_physical_cores, $cpu_logical_cores, $streaming_total_seconds, $streaming_total_minutes, $streaming_hours, $streaming_minutes, $streaming_seconds, $recording_total_seconds, $recording_total_minutes, $recording_hours, $recording_minutes, $recording_seconds.
  • Added $total_missed_frames as an alias to $missed_total_frames;
  • Added $total_skipped_frames as an alias to $skipped_total_frames;
  • Added $total_dropped_frames as an alias to $dropped_total_frames.
Fix NaN in json.
Added Debug Mode (logging all data to SCRIPT_LOCATION/obs-stats_DATE.log in append mode).
Added Output to File (writing all data to SCRIPT_LOCATION/obs-stats.json in override mode in json format) so external (like other bots) apps could use the data.
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Added !streaming_duration, !recording_duration, !streaming_status and !recording_status commands.
Added $streaming_status (can be Live, Offline or Reconnecting) and $recording_status (can be On, Paused, Off).
Implemented streaming and recording duration.
Fixed "profile not found" bug occurred due to the fact that get_current_profile() function returns display name, while folder name can have different name.
Added support for profile loading when OBS is in portable mode.
Added support for: encoder, output mode, canvas resolution, output resolution, target fps, average fps, audio bitrate and recording bitrate. Output Mode is now set automatically.