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Fix NaN in json.
Added Debug Mode (logging all data to SCRIPT_LOCATION/obs-stats_DATE.log in append mode).
Added Output to File (writing all data to SCRIPT_LOCATION/obs-stats.json in override mode in json format) so external (like other bots) apps could use the data.
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Added !streaming_duration, !recording_duration, !streaming_status and !recording_status commands.
Added $streaming_status (can be Live, Offline or Reconnecting) and $recording_status (can be On, Paused, Off).
Implemented streaming and recording duration.
Fixed "profile not found" bug occurred due to the fact that get_current_profile() function returns display name, while folder name can have different name.
Added support for profile loading when OBS is in portable mode.
Added support for: encoder, output mode, canvas resolution, output resolution, target fps, average fps, audio bitrate and recording bitrate. Output Mode is now set automatically.
Fixed Channel Nickname not working correctly.
Added CPU cores and CPU usage support.