missed frames

  1. W

    OBS 30.1.1 not showing frames missed or skipped due to rendering or encoding lag in Stats.

    I have noticed since I have upgraded to OBS 30.1.1 that the Stats are not showing when there are any frames missed or skipped due to rendering or encoding lag. My stream will suddenly turn into a slideshow for a brief moment but the Stats continue to show zero out of however many frames have...
  2. P

    x264 encoding (stream and record) : Missed images (due to rendering delay)

    Hi, I decided to go back to the x264 way of encoding (I am too much trouble with Nvidia drivers that are not super stable). I did the setup but for some games, I am having missed images (due to rendering delay) and sometimes a fps drop. I don't see any sign of overcharged encoding, but I am...
  3. A

    OBS skippin' & missin' frames when I'm in a Discord call

    Hi! I'm getting frames missed due to rendering lag, and frames skipped due to encoding lag, but this only happens when I'm in a Discord voice call* at the same time. Oh yeah, it also made my game hiccup now and then. Any suggestions? https://obsproject.com/logs/T6Or1JHoiQx51q3T I'm already...
  4. Full Pay Gaming

    Skipped and missed frames on 2 pc set up!?!?

    I have a 2 pc setup. So only thing Im doing on streaming pc is streaming, so super confused why I am having skipped and missed frames. Have a Ryzen 3900k with 1080ti in my streaming pc. Mainly it was skipped frames, but pretty sure I seen missed frames section red before stopping stream. It...
  5. GreenComfyTea

    OBS Lua OBS Stats on Stream v2.1

    OBS Stats on Stream The script allow to show OBS stats on stream as Text Source and/or print in chat. Supported data: Date and time; Encoder; Output mode; Canvas resolution; Output resolution; Missed frames due to rendering lag; Skipped frames due to encoding lag; Dropped frames; Congestion...