missed frames

  1. Full Pay Gaming

    Skipped and missed frames on 2 pc set up!?!?

    I have a 2 pc setup. So only thing Im doing on streaming pc is streaming, so super confused why I am having skipped and missed frames. Have a Ryzen 3900k with 1080ti in my streaming pc. Mainly it was skipped frames, but pretty sure I seen missed frames section red before stopping stream. It...
  2. GreenComfyTea

    OBS Lua OBS Stats on Stream v1.3

    OBS Stats on Stream The script allow to show OBS stats on stream as Text Source and/or print in chat. Supported data: Encoder; Output mode; Canvas resolution; Output resolution; Missed frames due to rendering lag; Skipped frames due to encoding lag; Dropped frames; Congestion; Average frame...