obs-midi 0.9.3-Alpha-3x

I love this plugin, it really has made it convenient to get creative with streaming triggers.

I will point out that occasionally it will completely lose all of my settings, and honestly that's a bit of a nightmare. The handiness of the plugin outweighs the downside, but it can be incredibly frustrating when you have 20-30 midi triggers programmed. I still think it's worth the 5 stars but I would love to see that issue addressed.
Best plug-in ever and thank you for making this. This is used for my xtouch mini and I use it for changing scenes and volume control, it also saved me 600 dolas worth of streamdeck...and is quicker at changing scenes...lol.
The best part is volume control IMO it makes so much more sense to use knobs or faders for that imo
Adds OBS control by midi based devices. Now I can control OBS without using a mouse anymore. The GUI is updated wonderfully.
Thank you for using the plugin! If you have any ideas or suggestions on what we can do better I would love to hear them!
Great, but sometimes it'll lose all the settings and you gotta set them up manually again
Hello all,
Tested the plugin with Windows 10 + Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol F1. All CCs buttons, CCs rotaries, CC faders and on/onn "STOP" line buttons work, including bidirectional.
I hope to see more advance with this great plugin.
Cheers from Madrid,

This thing is amazing! Seriously, I had been looking for good ways to control OBS with my nanokontrol2 and this is it!! That being said, with this plugin being so cool yet relatively young there just more I'd love to see more parameters you can control with it, like being able to control filter sliders without having to open their panels up or being able to have an X and Y movement control for sources. I just love being able to use sliders in obs its so useful, and the sorta more niche/fun stuff(?) like the source rotation in particular I love, the more the merrier. It's still a five star review because it's doing exactly as it says it does and well, I'm just excited to see what else this plugin can affect and do!
shhhh dont give away the secrets of the planned features XD
Seriously though, filter controls are planned on being implemented (:
Wow!. This has come a long way. What an excellent plugin.
I am mapping my midi sustain pedal and soft pedal (both are variable resistor pedals and so produce the full 0-127) to scale a color source so my students can which pedal I am using and how much I am pressing it. It works great.
Would there be a way to control what percentage of the x or y value is scaled? That way the y value, for instance, would change the height of the color source, but the x value could be set to not expand or contract as well. And also have a way to scale from the bottom, (or top/left/right) instead of only from the center...
The Scale plugin doesn't currently save the min and max fields across obs launches. It will always reset them and instead show a 5 in the duration field...
It is a good project but a great idea (great potential). It works on MacOS (Catalina) with my Behringer X-Touch Mini, only while setting the first time did it crash, for the most part it has been working great.

I hope that someday it will have profiles (for Scene Collections) so that I can configure different MIDI settings for different Scene Collections, and maybe it can have pages (like streamdeck or touchportal) that would give the midi controller great possibilities.
for alpha it is quite stable for me. Only thing i have issue with is assigning control to T-bar. CC# value 0-114 fades the T-bar and at value 115 Scene transition completes and OBS T-bar resets to 0.