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  1. OldDirtDust

    Get full control of OBS remotely (Add and remove Items on Screen remotely)

    Hi everyone! I Just started to learn how to create different things for OBS, so I was thinking if it's possible to use something to control items position and size in real time remotely. Are there any resources, like with obs-websocket, that allow me to program something like that? Like a visual...
  2. F

    Embedded Pan/Tilt/Zoom controls for PTZ Livestream

    I'd like to add pan/tilt/zoom controls or preset location controls to a website embedded livestream that utilizes a PTZoptics 30x SDI camera. The livestream is currently running through YouTube but lacks user controls on the website. I've seen this software on Ozolio (example 1) and in images on...
  3. Yuri_the_botfly

    How to set up OBS so that it can be controlled via phone or switch?

    I am reposting this here because I'm new so I'm not sure where to put this. Sorry.
  4. HeedfulCrayon

    OBS Python OBS Control from Home Assistant via MQTT 1.0.2

    Setup readme
  5. M

    Now playing title and up next at ##:##:## script for obs

    So I've been running a 24/7 streaming channel under vmix for ell over 8 years now. I just made the switch over to OBS. For the record, I have exactly 72 hours of running OBS so far, but feel it is stable enough to do what I need it to do. The one rule of thumb for ny complex mission critical...
  6. cpyarger

    obs-midi 0.9.3-Alpha-3x

    Use MIDI devices to trigger events in OBS and visa versa. This has been tested working on Windows, and Linux. The current build for mac has many issues which seem to result in OBS crashing, OBS MIDI is currently going through a complete rewrite. Please post issues, bug reports, and feature...
  7. FSC

    Free Command line tool for obs-websocket plugin (Windows) 1.6.3

    A small tool to enable control of OBS Studio via command line in Windows.