How to set up OBS so that it can be controlled via phone or switch?


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I am reposting this here because I'm new so I'm not sure where to put this. Sorry.
Hello, I have just spent a lot of time setting up an OBS streaming setup for my brother so he can stream to Facebook Live. However, I am worried that it takes too many steps to set up every time he streams. I would like to make it so that he can stream by himself, using his phone or his Nintendo switch, which is what he is streaming on. His setup is basically a switch connected to his computer via an HDMI cord, and a phone connected to his computer with wifi via iVCam. I have made a document explaining how to set up the whole thing for when he wants to stream, but as of right now he has to have someone help him with most of this stuff. The document I made is included below. Sorry, I don't have the logs, I'm using my own computer right now. It can be a bit of a hassle to use his computer because it is one of his few sources of entertainment during the day. Also it is set up for him to use, and not for a non-disabled person to.


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