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Free Command line tool for obs-websocket plugin (Windows) 1.5.3+fixed_websocket

A small tool to enable control of OBS Studio via command line in Windows.

Requires obs-websocket plugin (included):

How to install:
1. Download
2. Extract the file
3. Download and install the latest version of websocket-plugin from
4. In OBS Studio menu, go to "Tools"->"Websocket server settings"
5. Uncheck "Enable System Tray Alerts" (unless you want to get spammed)
6. Use OBSCommand.exe to control OBS Studio local or from a remote machine


OBSCommand.exe /server= /password=xxxx /delay=0.5 /setdelay=0.05 /profile=myprofile /scene=myscene /hidesource=myscene/mysource /togglesource=myscene/mysource /showsource=myscene/mysource /toggleaudio=myaudio /mute=myaudio /unmute=myaudio /setvolume=mysource,volume,delay /startstream /stopstream /startrecording /stoprecording /command=mycommand,myparam1=myvalue1... /sendjson=jsonstring

Note: If Server is omitted, default will be used.
Use quotes if your item name includes spaces.
Password can be empty if no password is set in OBS Studio.

You can use the same option multiple times.
If you use Server and Password, those must be the first 2 options!

OBSCommand.exe /scene=myscene
OBSCommand.exe /toggleaudio="Desktop Audio"
OBSCommand.exe /mute=myAudioSource
OBSCommand.exe /unmute="my Audio Source"
OBSCommand.exe /setvolume=Mic/Aux,0,50
OBSCommand.exe /setvolume=Mic/Aux,100
OBSCommand.exe /fadeopacity=Mysource,myfiltername,0,100,5,5
OBSCommand.exe /stopstream
OBSCommand.exe /profile=myprofile /scene=myscene /showsource=mysource
OBSCommand.exe /showsource=mysource
OBSCommand.exe /hidesource=myscene/mysource
OBSCommand.exe /togglesource=myscene/mysource
OBSCommand.exe /showsource="my scene" "my source"
OBSCommand.exe /command=SaveReplayBuffer
OBSCommand.exe /command=TakeSourceScreenshot,sourceName=MyScene,PictureFormat=png,saveToFilePath=C:\OBSTest.png
OBSCommand.exe /command=SetSourceFilterSettings,sourceName="Color Correction",filterName=Opacity,filterSettings=opacity=10
OBSCommand.exe /sendjson="ReorderSceneItems={'scene': 'MyScene', 'items': [{'name': 'Image'}, {'name': 'Gamecapture'}]}"
OBSCommand.exe /scene=mysource1 /delay=1.555 /scene=mysource2
OBSCommand.exe /setdelay=1.555 /scene=mysource1 /scene=mysource2


/server=            define server address and port
  Note: If Server is omitted, default will be used.
/password=xxxx                    define password (can be omitted)
/delay=n.nnn                      delay in seconds (0.001 = 1 ms)
/setdelay=n.nnn                   global delay in seconds (0.001 = 1 ms)
                                  (set it to 0 to cancel it)
/profile=myprofile                switch to profile "myprofile"
/scene=myscene                    switch to scene "myscene"
/hidesource=myscene/mysource      hide source "scene/mysource"
/showsource=myscene/mysource      show source "scene/mysource"
/togglesource=myscene/mysource    toggle source "scene/mysource"
  Note:  if scene is omitted, current scene is used
/toggleaudio=myaudio              toggle mute from audio source "myaudio"
/mute=myaudio                     mute audio source "myaudio"
/unmute=myaudio                   unmute audio source "myaudio"
/setvolume=myaudio,volume,delay   set volume of audio source "myaudio"
                                  volume is 0-100, delay is in milliseconds
                                  between steps (min. 10, max. 1000) for fading
  Note:  if delay is omitted volume is set instant
                                  delay is in milliseconds, step 0-100
                                  start/end opacity is 0-100, 0=fully transparent
             Note: Use "*" for start- or endopacity for fade from/to current value
/startstream                      starts streaming
/stopstream                       stop streaming
/startrecording                   starts recording
/stoprecording                    stops recording

General User Command syntax:
                                  issues user command,parameter (optional)
                                  (see list of commands below)
List of commands (for the /command and /sendjson option):
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Latest updates

  1. Update 1.5.3 + fixed websocket

    - Fixed timeout not working in new generalized framework
  2. Update 1.5.3

    - Fixed fadeopacity not fully converted to new syntax ("*" insted of "-1")
  3. Update 1.5.2

    - Added new command "slidesetting" fade any filter setting in and out - Added new command...

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