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NOOBS CMDR - Nutty's Official OBS Commander
NOOBS CMDR is a tool for creating OBS Studio macros. This tool will allow you to script macros in OBS to do things like changing scenes, toggling sources on/off, showing/hiding filters, controlling audio levels and much more. Scripts are saved as simple batch script and/or visual basic script files, which you can then execute using whatever you want - e.g. Stream Deck, Touch Portal, Lioranboard, Voice Attack etc. Basically, if it can run batch script files, it can run any script generated with NOOBS CMDR!

This is essentially a GUI for OBSCommand, a command line tool written by FSC.

  1. Download the zip file below
  2. Unzip NOOBS CMDR to any folder you want
  3. Run 'NOOBS CMDR.exe' - You will need to run as admin only for the first install
  4. On your first time opening NOOBS CMDR, you will be asked to installed OBSCommand - The default directory is 'C:\Program Files (x86)\OBSCommand' but you may select any directory of your choosing
  5. If OBS Studio and WebSockets server is already running, it will automatically attempt to connect - otherwise NOOBS CMDR will remain disconnected until you start WebSockets server. Once you have started WebSockets, click the red 'NOT CONNECTED' button to connect to OBS.
Note: If you are not comfortable starting NOOBS CMDR in admin mode, you can manually add the OBSCommand directory to your Environment PATH Variable yourself. A copy of OBSCommand is included with NOOBS CMDR.
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Latest updates

  1. V1.0.3

    New Additions Added a confirmation dialog if testing StreamCommand (thanks to kphillpotts)...
  2. V1.0.2

    Hotfix Changes Fixed bug where Source command would not filter down even after selecting a scene
  3. V1.0.1

    Hotfix Changes Fixed bug where exported scripts would not work if they included non-English...

Latest reviews

I need toggle filter :(
Does not work anymore.
Great work! Awesome addition to the OBS community.
De best tool voor OBS Command
Nutty ... this rocks !
Could you please make it a bit more clear that the app CAN move and delete entry orders... it was not obviously apparent. THer are no UP aor DOWN arrows.. next to each menu entry. I had to figure out they were dragable items.

Also had to figure out i could right click to DELETE the entry.

Something simple like - next to each entry to indicate hitting it woudl DELTE the entry.

as well as UP and DOWN symbols.. to move the entry without dragging.
The UI works really well, but I'm struggling to link it to stream Deck using either the .bat file of .vbs file - using the .bat file the stream deck button is 'unresponsive' and using the .vbs file windows error (file cannot be found).
The perfect and easy companion for OBS Command