obs-midi 20200622.5

Upcoming release info.
I will be doing a major rewrite with obs midi starting within the next week or so, The current system while it works, mostly, was thrown together very quickly without much thought behind how to do things cleanly or elegantly, It is basically held together with duct tape twine and bubblegum,

Feature Requests

Any new features people want added I recommend putting in a feature request on the main GitHub issues page. Please understand that if you put a feature request here, I may not see it. I will be looking for any feature requests on the GitHub issues page as it is much easier to integrate into my workflow, and I get emailed on every new issue posted there and check that multiple times a day where I only check here intermittently.

Current Goals in the next release are;
  • Clean and simplify the UI
  • Create a system for Importing and Exporting Mappings
  • Expand the Triggerable actions.
  • Eliminating all of the memory leaks
  • Fixing the Mac OS build so it stops crashing
  • Clean-up of the various classes
  • Standardization of the variable names.
  • Implement better error handling.
    • Especially in regards to device connection and disconnection.
  • Adding support for plugging in hardware devices after OBS is started.
    • Either a refresh button
    • Or polling for devices.

Bonus Goals include;
  • Implementing a Multi-Action/Macros system
  • Implementing Translatable UI/Actions names
  • Building a framework for supporting Multiple Midi Based Standards (Mackie Control Universal, etc.)
If anyone wants to help with code work, Translations, cleanup, etc. I would love the help!
The Latest release contains no changes in code, but We have added to our CI pipeline the generation of a Linux 64-bit version in tar.gz format for those not on a Debian based distro.

Also, please leave any suggestions, or bug reports on the GitHub Issues Page here