MusicBuddy [Supports Spotify, YouTube and more!]

Free MusicBuddy [Supports Spotify, YouTube and more!]

Simple tool for getting the current song that you're playing and creating a text file with the song name.


  • Foobar2000
  • iTunes
  • Spotify [ With API ]
  • Spotify [ Without API ]
  • VLC
  • Winamp
  • YouTube | Chrome only
  • SoundCloud | Chrome only
How to use
  1. Download it.
  2. Extract it anywhere.
  3. Start MusicBuddy.
  4. Press the list and select which player you want to songs from.
  5. Program will create a text file with the current song.
  6. Enjoy!
  7. If using a web player, make sure that web player has it own window! Chrome support only for now!

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Latest updates

  1. Update

    Added: Spotify Light (No API being used) Fixed: YouTube now works with the latest Chrome...
  2. - Improved web players

    Fixed: Improved YouTube Fixed: Improved SoundCloud

    Release notes: Fixed: Spotify authentication have been improved and can be refreshed

Latest reviews

Using Windows 10
Only used it with Spotify and its pretty buggy... logged in and gave it permission and intended to use MusicBuddy with the spotify app instead of web browser. That kind of works but prevents me from using my browser since it constantly checks for login. In the end it not worth the hassle. And when I check the "34 logs" they all say sound cloud instead of spotify. Its better than the program I was using before when it works, but I was using Snip before and only ran into the occasional issue of it not recognizing my spotify songs. Otherwise, it was more customizable, didn't require authorizing it, and worked with the installed spotify program rather than the webpage.
Hey, thanks for the feedback. Regarding using Spotify, currently it's a mess BUT I'm re-writing that code. Also why MusicBuddy require to be authorized it's simple because Spotify removed their local API and are only using their web API now. However, you can go to and download an older version of MusicBuddy (V. which can only read the Spotify app header (Artist - Song) and not be able to get the album art.
Can be a little fiddly, but when it works it works good :-)

Really like the multiple options to get music information from
Yo, this app is hella broken. MusicBuddy crashes every time I go into Spotify mode, and it caused Chrome to freeze when going into SoundCloud or YouTube mode.
Hi, a few questions:
1. Which Windows are you running?

2. For Spotify, check the log folder and see what error has been logged and delete the data.dat file.

3. For Spotify to work properly you need to allow MusicBuddy to connect to your account. When selecting Spotify in the list, it will open a web page to Spotify where you can allow or denied it. You can also remove the permission for MusicBuddy to interact with Spotify by logging into your Spotify account, then click "Apps", then you will see a list of all the apps you have allowed to be connected with your Spotify account, find MusicBuddy and click "Revoke access"

4. Try to run MusicBuddy as admin.

5. Try to have YouTube/SoundCloud in one tab.

If nothing of this above works, please contact me through the "Discussion" page here on the thread or send a PM to me!
Have a nice day!
MusicBuddy is displaying song and artist in the app, but it does not appear in current song document, therefore it does not work in OBS either, (Spotify)
Odd, works fine on my end. Try to run Spotify before MusicBuddy. Also are you really running the latest version of MusicBuddy?
When switching to Spotify the application refuses to work and crashes.

Windows version 1709
Spotify Version (Latest)

I have run this as admin and no change occurred
This has been fixed with a temporary solution. However some settings can't be used! Please go ahead and download the latest version.
No fuss, works as intended.
Youtube mode only make the program freeze
Sad to hear this, have you tried running the program as admin?