1. R

    Winamp AVS plugin for OBS on Mac

    I've always been interested in motion graphics. I got my start playing around with the AVS system on the old Winamp 2 and the early versions of Winamp 5. I've since learned how to use After Effects, and can render videos with motion graphics. However, I'd like to start streaming on Twitch, and...
  2. Koffeth

    Free MusicBuddy [Supports Spotify, YouTube and more!]

    MusicBuddy V. Info Simple tool for getting the current song that you're playing and creating a text file with the song name. Supports Foobar2000 iTunes Spotify VLC Winamp YouTube | Chrome only SoundCloud | Chrome only How to use Download it. Extract it anywhere. Start MusicBuddy...
  3. Koffeth

    Free MusicBuddy [Supports Spotify, YouTube and more!]

    Koffeth submitted a new resource: MusicBuddy - Fetches the current song from different media players Read more about this resource...