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motion-effect 1.2.0

It does what it does quite elegantly. And although there is an alternative now that may be widely used, this plugin is by far the easiest to setup/configure/use/manage. Appears to work fine on OBS v28 too! Ive used this plugin for awhile now, and love its simplicity.
Omg one of the best plugin I ever found.

There two one issue I found so far. If I want to populate in filter the "height" is same value like the width
Next OBS crashs most time if I want to close. Its annoying because I need to use taskmanager for it.
I think I did the goods settings, I can "see" the source moving when forwarding on settings, but unfortunatly, when I add motion filter to the scene and source, source is lost, can't be found anywhere on the screen, it just disappeared
This might be my reason to stay in OBS in stead of switching to vMix
Wish there was a 'crop' option among the 'position' and 'size' one.

Also 'position' overwrites 'size', so if you change the position after setting width to for example 0, then use a position - it'll 100% width the source then move it.
Neat transition if you are using the same background across the scene you want to transition. If not, it doesn't look quite as good, in my opinion, but still functions as another transition type.
Works great on windows with maybe a few hiccups every now and then, but there is still no official Mac OS support. Can someone help on that front?
i wish there was a mac plugin
really great plugin, only thing is i would like the duration slider to be able to higher than 5 seconds for slow zoom ins or zoom out on my face camera for a cinematic effect. i think raising that to 1 minute would give me a lot more functionality out of this plugin
I've been using this plugin for over a year now. I use the filter in order to smoothly have different things like text slide in and out of frame to show/hide scoreboards during splatoon 2 competitions. The transition has been very useful in giving my retro-PC OS themed streams a natural look with windows simply zooming in/out and moving around on top of a basic animated background. Useful tidbit, it treats groups like a single source, meaning if you group sources together they will zoom in/out from the center of that group rather than each individual item, which is perfect for my OS theming.
Fantastic plugin, I simply love how it works well. Would be nice to have an audio fading feature like it happens with Stingers, having music being cut in abruptive way when going from a scene to another is an old OBS problem making stream look unprofessional.
makes your stream 200% better, but needs more options to make your stream look perfect
Motion effect is fantastic but there is one bug that I believe is subtle but pretty important. When using the scene transition option, the center point of each source (i.e. where the source grows from) is not aligned to the center of the source if (1) there is a crop in the transform and/or (2) there is not a "Top Left" positional alignment in the transform.

Would really love to see this fixed, message me if you want details. I've used Motion Effect a tonne and can provide a video if this doesn't make sense.
The effects you can make with this are fantastic. My only issue is that if you skip scenes (eg go from Scene 1 to Scene 3 in the example shown in the description) things jumps around, and I can't work out a way to get around this.

Edit (well delete and new review...) -- I worked out how to do it with many extra scenes for each transition. Originally I had just 4 scenes (fullscreen 1, fullscreen 2, 2 picture-in-picture 1, 1 PiP 2) but to get the transitions I've ended up with 10 scenes!
So I really love the concept of this thing!
I've been playing around with it, trying to revamp my OBS scenes and when it works, it really works great!

I do have to say this:
Now I have a couple of suggestions to improve this so I'll take that first.
It'd be great if the plugin would recognize what positional alignment has been set to each source in the transformation menu, or if the user could specify that whilest manipulating the motion effect.
I would also love the ability to crop sources as the effect plays. It would help alot transitioning from a scene with, let's say; Fullscreen (16:9) FaceCam, to a scene with a square (1:1) FaceCam at the bottom right corner.

Now I've also had an issue with this one.
Sometimes, the sources I use this on get's lost somewhere and end up not showing up for some reason. In the transform settings, they have been given values of '0' everywhere and I have to reset the transformations of each one of them, then put them all in their place -and it works again! -for a while, until this happens again...

(It keeps happening to one specific group of sources though.)

Perhaps I'm doing something wrong with it, and I'm not going to pretend I know stuff that I don't, but I'd think it'd be a good idea for the plugin to store the transformation settings set by the user -and re-initialize those settings later when everything has been animated... I've only used this between scene transitions and not hotkey's, mind you.

Like I said, I love it, but I can't quite get it to work the way I'd like to, hence I'll have to chop off a star in the rating.
Regardless, great work!!
My favorite plugin so far, great job.
Great plugin that gives to us professional stream tools. I would be nice to add some transitions to the motion (for example fade in)
Incredible update! Now works in studio-mode too and without the crash issue when open settings. Thank you!
Nice! I was looking for this motion effect, similar to Gameshow transition, but not linked to the change of scene. Thank you very much! Waiting for the next update.