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motion-effect 1.2.0

- Rename project name to motion-effect
- Add motion-transition to the project , it's easier to use and don't need position parameter.
- Fix motion-filter size bug
  • merge round-trip & one-way filter
  • add scene-switch trigger feature
  • add acceleration option
    Notice: Only support obs-studio 21.0.0+
    Warning : The settings of previous version will disappear after you update
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- Fix issue which can't assign negative value to start position.
- Remove some unnecessary behavior when restarting OBS.
- Modify Localisation text.
- Now there are two motion filters , "round-trip motion filter" will perform forward& backward animations , and "motion filter" perform an one-way animation.
- Add "change scale" option.
- Now you can use this plugin in studio-mode.
- The crash issue when open setting page in studio-mode has been fixed.
- The missing config issue after duplicating scenes has been fixed.
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