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motion-effect 1.2.0

Supported Bit Versions
32-bit, 64-bit
Minimum OBS Studio Version
Supported Platforms
The plugin is designed for source item animation.

motion transition : Animate all sources between scene switch (easy to use)
motion filter : Animate one source in the scene.


How to Install?
Unzip and Put it to the obs-studio installation folder

How to use motion transition?
1. Add to your transition list then switch scene. just this one

Behavior of motion transition
  • Source in both scene : linear transform animation
  • Source only in previous scene : zoom out
  • Source only in next scene : zoom in
Restriction of motion transition in current version
1. The bounding box option must be "no-bound"
2. You can't use same source in one scene simultaneously .

How to use motion -filter ? (Screenshot in Attached Files)
1.Add a motion filter to a "scene" (It's important, this filter won't work directly with source)
2.Choose a source which you want to animate and give a destination position and scale on property page.
3.Use Forward and Backward button to check results.
4.Go to hotkeys page in OBS settings and choose set hotkey you want to use.
5. Done, you can try it now

How to set a curve path In motion-transition?
Use different acceleration on x-axis & y-axis

Why motion-filter can't be used on source?
The item position information is held by scene , and also it's more easy to preview results in scene filter page.

How to set a curve path In motion-filter?
You need to set control points position for Bezier curve. If you don't know what's that , Wikipedia gives a very good demonstration animation.
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  3. motion-filter 1.0.3

    - Fix issue which can't assign negative value to start position. - Remove some unnecessary...

Latest reviews

My favorite plugin so far, great job.
Great plugin that gives to us professional stream tools. I would be nice to add some transitions to the motion (for example fade in)
Incredible update! Now works in studio-mode too and without the crash issue when open settings. Thank you!
Nice! I was looking for this motion effect, similar to Gameshow transition, but not linked to the change of scene. Thank you very much! Waiting for the next update.