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Keyviz has good graphics and animations, it's easy to add to OBS, and works as expected.
Отличное табло!
Incredibly useful for having overlays that can be shown on multiple scenes.
Configuration options are nice, but the plugin frequently stops displaying Spotify info despite showing that the plugin is connected and running. Album art is also inconsistently sized when using Spotify. I originally thought these issues were due to a conflicting connection caused by using Elgato Streamdeck Spotify controls, but avoiding the use of these controls has not resolved the issue.
It's okay if you've never tried OBS Transition Matrix, but this one is definitely worse.
Transition Table, regardless of their actually bugs, works really good if you have something like 5 scenes.
In my case, I have more than 30 scenes, all of them are connected to each other with different settings. It's a headache set every single scene and very slow when you have a lot.
It would be great to have a section similar to Transition Matrix.
I have 2 c920's and every reboot of my pc it resets my settings. with CamooZ I saved 2 profiles and with 2 buttons on my streamdeck I load both profiles. Super app! the support of the developer is great he even frequently updates the app.
Hello! This worked perfectly before, but after updating to OBS 28 I have an issue. Scrab is still able to appear over obs to let me select what to screenshot, but when I press enter the image disappears and is not saved.
hey all.. working with M1 Mac, many of the built in filters aren't working,, scroll, rainbow effect and a few others
Shader examples are not guaranteed to work on all platforms, as they are examples to learn and extend from.
If you have Logitech Webcam this is a must for OBS. Greta app for menage your cameras.
any idea when this plugin will be updated for M1 on OBS 28? checking back weekly with no updates.
I love this plugin!

That said, Exeldro you really need to add a "If you're using OBS version 27, you need to download version 2.6.1" at the top of the description (an alert like other plugin descriptions have). Without the warning, users assume that the latest version is backwards compatible with all OBS versions and not just with OBS 28+. It's frustrating when you download and install a plugin, see that it's not working, and having to search why this didn't work out of the box.
Love the plugin. Does exactly what is advertised and does it very well.
Only suggestion I have is that it appears to store the TXT/SRT in memory until the stream or recording is finished when transcribing. Is it possible to save it (semi-)real-time? Maybe flush the data to the text file every X seconds or so?
Very useful plugin. Thanks.
On OBS v28 PC version the filter appears on the sources, but on MAC version (I have M1 max, so ARM64) no filter shows in the list after I install it... Is Mac ARM64 not available yet?
This has been a game changer. This is an AWESOME plugin! Btw, no virus associated. I carefully scanned! Thank you again!
Such a useful plugin! Thanks so much
Duration If Replay is Like It is stick to 5000ms only if we increase it doesn't work.