FX Magician: Lower Thirds, Virtual Deck, Bot, WebSocket...

FX Magician: Lower Thirds, Virtual Deck, Bot, WebSocket... 0.14

This plugin has so much potential. I'm excited to see what this grows into. I added the browser URL to the custom browser docks option and now when I launch OBS the FX window opens automatically as well as all the new names and changes I added, I didn't have to redo everything. Bravo my brother. Keep up the good work.
Thank you for your review.
FX Magician is not supposed to be used in the custom browser docks (actually i've never tested it in that way).
FX Magician is still in development (there are tons a stuffs in the pipeline).
The Virtual Deck will be soon released for iOS (Apple Store). Please wait for a few more days.
Great work so far! Are there plans to integrate with externals like Stream Deck or Streamer.bot?
Thank you JMacStrikesBack for your review.

As you have probably noticed, FX Magician uses OBS native WebSocket to interact with OBS.

It uses an internal WebSocket (specific to Stremear.bot), so it is not possible to FX Magician to communicate with Streamer.bot.

Stream Deck
Technically Stream Deck can control almost everything, including OBS Websocket.
But as for now, I don't have any Stream Deck at my disposal.
If people like Fx Magician, i could consider to buy a Stream Deck and study the feasability.

FX Magician roadmap
Nevertheless, I planned for later to integrate a virtual Deck in FX Magician. This is the final target.
Thank you