fx magician

  1. KingKong77

    Which new effects do you need in FX Magician?

    I posted recently a new plugin/tool in the Plugins section called FX Magician https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/fx-magician-for-obs-studio.1834/ I expect to develop on average 1 new effect every week. The technology behind it is HTML, CSS, SVG and WebGL. That means FX Magician can produce...
  2. KingKong77

    FX Magician: Lower Thirds, Virtual Deck, Bot, WebSocket... 0.14

    FX Magician is really magic. It is a Click & Go app, no installation required, it uses the incredible OBS WebSocket technology. It is free. http://fxmagician.live FX Magician let you to customize some incredible effects. FX Magician also integrates a very powerful BOT engine. FX Magician has...