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Free Command line tool for obs-websocket plugin (Windows) 1.5.7

- Added output of result for commands
- Updated obs-websocket-plugin to 4.7.0
- Added /delay (single delay) and /setdelay (global delay) feature
- Fixed decimal separator issue
- Fixed integers, double and boolean parameters not working correctly with /command
- Switched to new generalized obs-websocket-dotnet library
- General user commands with parameters are now much more flexible
- Added togglesource command
- Changed syntax of /command now using comma instead of space as separator between command and optional parameter
- Added universal /command option
- Updated included obs-websocket installer to version 4.5.1
- Fixed remote server issue
- Added ability to use the same option more than once
- Updated included obs-websocket installer to version 4.4.0
- Added /mute=myaudio and /unmute=myaudio to mute and unmute audio source
- Added /setvolume=mysource,volume,delay to control volume
- Included new obs-websocket Version 4.3.3 Windows Installer