Camify - Magnify webcam settings dialog

Free Camify - Magnify webcam settings dialog 0.1.1

If you want to be able to save your settings in profiles and control them with hotkeys or your streamdeck, get CamooZ instead!

But, if working with the original dialogs suffices for you: How about enlarging them with Camify?

Camify intercepts DirectShow webcam settings dialogs (the dialogs you get when e.g. you press "Configure Video" in OBS, see below) - and turns them into a more usable form - magnifying the original window and its controls.

With Camify running (also hidden in tray, windows auto-start option included) any such dialog will be enlarged automatically. See it in action in this video.


Option to not show setting bars for functions that are not supported by the camera anyway:

None of your original driver files are being changed / patched for this, this mod is all done in-memory with Windows messages (like SetWindowPos, SendMessage and ShowWindow) the moment the dialog window pops up and only size and position of the window and its controls are changed while it's active.
Without Camify running, dialogs show up in their original state.
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