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v2.0 - Now with hotkeys!​

  • OBS Hotkeys
  • Updated settings
  • Updated Readme
Fixes GIF stuttering issue

Minor adjustments to code & comments for readability
Official release on github, which adds the option to stop the slideshow from looping.
This release adds the option to stop the slideshow on the last slide, preventing it from looping.

Enable this option by setting stopOnLastImage to true in settings.js, or by accessing the settings via lua script in OBS (see readme).
The option is off by default.

The readme has also been updated for clarity.

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Added the option to prevent the slideshow from looping. Set the stopOnLastImage option to true or false in settings.js, or update the setting via the lua script in OBS. The setting is false by default.
Added optional lua script as an alternative to running a shell or cmd script to refresh the images list.
Added .gitignore & .gitkeep for images folder

This script can be added to OBS (Tools > Scripts), and is run once automatically when OBS is opened.
Slide mode & slide duration settings can now be updated using this script in OBS.
This script & browser source still need to be reloaded/refreshed when images or settings are updated. Reloading the (lua) script can be done from OBS (Tools > Scripts) Reload script button.
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Added RefreshImagesW.cmd, which does the same thing as
Includes minor fixes
Moved resource to github (updating it here takes a long time)
Added Mode options
Fixes bug where browser speeds up over time
Issue: Slideshow may become "choppy" if source is inactive for a while. will fix soon
Updated readme: Leaving "Shutdown source when not visible" and "Refresh browser when scene becomes active" unchecked is recommended.

Checking "Refresh browser when scene becomes active" may cause a white outline to appear when the scene becomes active, or when source is refreshed. Better to leave it unchecked.

Also removed unnecessary changelog.txt