Audio Monitor

Audio Monitor 0.8.3

Works like it should. The only downside, is that i have seen a video on YT called "the Voicemeeter killer" Allready here i think nice. Then i can get rid of that. Then i downloade this plugin and set it up.
Then i am done in obs i close the program. But i still want my music to play, but its gone. Then i open my obs up again and my music comes back.
Maybe i have just setup the settings wrong, it can't be.
Mac OS downloader is broken! Package has nothing inside of it.

Would love to be able to use this!
Extremely powerful!
It works like a charm. Many thanks!
And, makes a huge difference for me using the Virtual Camera on Skype and Teams Calls in combination with a few virtual cables.
As KelvinBrit0, I have to warn about the last update too. I have always used this amazing tool with Virtual Cable A and B (I'm a Mac user) for live streaming and hybrid events. Since the last update, it randomly stops working and on Zoom you can hear the terrible echo effect, like you were connected with two or more devices. It happened first during a recording in OBS and I wasn't able to fix the problem immediately, I had to restart everything and clear all the audio tracks on OBS. Another strange thing: since the last update if you go on the audio tracks in OBS and click filters, you see Audio Monitor item deactivated, but it's working. And keep in mind not to click on that to activate it again, otherwise it will stop working and start the loop effect. Please fix it!!
Big issues with audio becoming out of sync.

OBS with video capture and microphone input.

1. Set Audio monitoring to HDMI output (TV for example)
2. Full Screen Projector to the same HDMI output.
No issues with the synchronisation between the video and the audio

3. Add Audio Monitor to the microphone input to play though desktop speakers/sound card

Audio just gets more and more out of sync the longer it runs for. Around half a second in 10 mins.

Please find a solution as I love this plugin!
Awesome plugin! You can choose different speakers to monitor each audio! I'm just rating it 4 starts because 0.8.1 doesn't work with OBS 27.2.4 and I can't download 0.7.1, download link please?
This is a great plugin, but I'm experiencing a very loud noise everytime I select audio output and I put on a filter through my headphones and everytime I bring up spotify it distorts the music and then the loud noise begins. It goes away if I delete the audio output source and I'm also ok to listen to spotify again sense that audio output source is no longer present. I've tried uninstalling and re installing realtek audio drivers and to no avail that does not fix the issues. I've dialed it down to something mis firing in this plugin. That's what its coming down to. I have no idea what the fix is for this, so any help would be appreciated!
This plugin is great! I no longer need voicemeeter because this and a small scirpt i made that changes default audio settings in my machine before launching this ( to automate some things). I have a suggestion, would it be possible to add a feature like the built in audio monitor in obs, i am refering to the one that says [Monitor Only( mute output)] to prevent sending the audio twice to the stream
plugin was super helpful with my stream, such as isolating game sound to (insert virtual cable-a) and monitoring to headphone, isolating music to (insert virtual cable-b) and monitoring it to headphone, isolating teamspeak/discord to (insert virtual cable-c) to headphone, and so on.... with this i can stream and adjust different volume, and *especially* multitrack audio recording so in the edit, so you dont have a problem with loud teamate, ruining mood background music, and so on

my feedback from this is:
-after a long time, there would be a delay with sound like such as music will stop after 200-500ms of pause in the music player, or if i take it much more simple, if i were playing an first person shooter game, gunshots would came after 200-500ms of mouse click *(the fix was just to turn off and turn on again the audio monitor and the delay would stop, and just after a long time, it would start delaying again, if this was fixed it would be greatly appreciated)*

but honestly with the cons, *it is such a helpful plugin and i found so many uses of this plugin*

this is a great plugin if i say so myself
It's amazing!!!
MacOS (Intel) Version is broken. Crash if multiple output was used.
I have tried multiple times to download this. I have an older imac. I have searched everywhere possible after i run the pkg. is there any tutorials out there that can help me get this to work?
Couldn't live without it, so glad it's fixed.
GREAT plugin!, however I've found a problem where whenever I add the Audio Monitor filter to a source it makes OBS crash when I try to either remove any filter or move it down. It does not happen when I move a filter up or add a new filter. It is an annoying problem, my current workaround is to disable the filter I want to remove, but my OCD is cringing :(.

macOS 11.4
OBS v27.0.1 (64 bit)
AudioMonitor 0.7.1
Can you provide me a crash log file?
This plugin has the exact functionality i need to help my team of streamers no have to use voicemeeter!!! unfortunately, like the other recent reviews, connecting any sort of obs controller sort of program (Aitum in my case) resulted in an instant freeze/crash of obs.

I really hope exeldro manages to find time in their probably crazy busy schedule to fix this, because it would be a serious game changer for me!

still giving 5 stars i cant stomach giving exeldro anything less lol
This was working great in the past but now no matter what I do Track 1 is working but other tracks will eventually stop working with your audio devices one by one and there's nothing you can do for it. There's just so many issues with this it would take too much time to summarize it but prepare yourself to loose few hours. Avoid at all cost for any critical applications. It's such a shame that OBS doesn't include this by default.
Actually revolutionising streaming! Why use 3rd party tools like voicemeeter when you have this super lightweight plugin! INSANE BROTHER!