Audio Monitor

Audio Monitor 0.8.5

I have used this plugin for awhile and it has served me very well, unfortunately, in the last few months I start with no lag and then after a few minutes, I get about almost a 2 second delay. Restarting OBS fixes the issue for a couple of minutes and then it falls out of synch.
the plugin is amazing BUT, i found out after thorough search - this plugin is crashing my OBS v28 whenever we connect with touchportal, sammi, deckboard using websocket 5.

there arent any other plugins just this thats causing the issue
It's a nice plug-in but OBS crashes everytime I exit OBS. In turn when I reload OBS it breaks all my audio sources loaded into a scene. I have to thus delete the sources and re add them again. Please fix this.
Hi, thanks for this amazing plugin it help me a lot, but yep we have issues currently with the last versions of SAMMI Solutions, I hope that not be big deal, it crash sometimes when try to connect with the websocket v5.0.1 and also as @dibujando comments if you already set some source device, if not, it will connect with any issue.
I Realy love this Plugin! I use it to Output my Micro to VirtualCable and so creating an instance of my mic with all the VST Plgunins and use it in discord. So my Mic sounds like on Stream when i am in Discord.

Here is a big issue: i have move transition for audio fade / audio transition. The Problem is, this Plugin somehow overbuffer when the volume control is slided to 0 and back upwards.

You can reproduce it:
Use an audioline and play music on it.
Add the Audio Monit Filter and monitor it to your headphones.
Then Slide the volume down and up down and up and you will discover very quickly, that the audio starts to crackle and going hard out of sync.

First time i discovered it it was live on stream when i changed to my pause scene, where the gameplay audio fades to 0 and the music source fades up to 100%

it was hella noisee

:) Hope to see an update soon.
I just use it for my mic at the moment because i do not change the volume slider of this source :D so the bug never happen ^^
the audio monitor filter get delay after few minutes and there is a bug with the mute linked to source muting option that sometimes it does not work when i mute the source there's still sounds. it just does not link to the source. but overall this is a very good plugin
Hello, first of all I want to thank the creator of this application for their work. So far, I have been using it and it is one of the best plugins I have found for monitoring audio.
But lately, I have encountered a problem - which I have seen in the comments that someone else is also experiencing - and I cannot find a solution. My problem is that when I put any audio source and monitor it, when I open a program to control OBS - in my case, Sammi - OBS crashes. I have uninstalled the audio monitor plugin, reinstalled it, but no matter what I do, there is no solution. Inevitably, when Sammi connects to OBS, it crashes.

It's curious because, with the plugin installed but not monitoring any source, there is no problem. Sammi connects to OBS and I can do live streams. But if, with the program installed, I monitor any source, when Sammi connects to OBS, it crashes.

I really would like to find a solution. I'm not a programmer, but if you need any information to be able to solve it, I am at your disposal. For now, I can only provide you with the following data:
-so w11 pro (Updated to the current date)
-obs v. 29.0-2 (64 bit)
-Audio monitor v. 0.82

Regardless of whether the problem can be solved or not, I want to thank you for the work done, as for me it is the best audio monitoring application available for OBS nowadays.

I LOVE this tool! it gives a total liberty to manage your sources independently, Exeldro is a genius!

I have indeed two problems, the first is each time I'm making a Win Update: The assigned sources change to strange numbers and symbols, or the source names are cut, so they don't work more until I reselect the sources one by one on each music filter.

The second problem came with the last OBS version (28): The audio start to crack as soon as I'm moving the Volume-cursor... and when I switch to another scene and come back, OBS crashes.

So I'm excited to receive an Update soon! Thank you very much, Exeldro!
3 Stars because it works fine on OBS 28.03 but When i use it with Touch Portal 3.1 Build 7, OBS Crashes, i try remove other plugins and i find out that it was this one that crashes when i have Touch Portal open, if i remove the plugin, all works fine. Help please
Same experience that dibujandosentado had, except for the fact that I was using Deckboard and not Sammi. I think this could be related with the websocket protocol, or with some functionalities that the 2 plugins/apps have in common.
For me the audio is 1 second out of sync. Just changed the delay time and it works like normal
Love this extension. Gives full matrix support so each audio input can have a separate volume to each output.

Current issue: Many of the audio inputs don't display output meters, just sliders. Kind of tough to know if I am getting input without the display.
Still crash with aktive Touch Portal!
I loved the plugin in previous versions of OBS.
But since OBS 28 (yes, I updated the plugin :D) I have the following problem: When I move a fader in the audio mixer or audio monitor panel, I suddenly get an extremely high CPU load, the sound stutters and OBS crashes after a short time. This happens no matter how the plugin is set.
If I remove the audio monitor filter from the sound source, the problem no longer exists. Therefore, unfortunately not usable right now, I hope it will be fixed quickly!
Was very satisfied so far!
I want to love this....but sadly right now it crashes as soon as OBS opens due to the TouchPortal problem that others have posted about. Hopefully this will get updated to fix the conflict!
There is no Linux version, in general there is no single plugin/programme that can do the same.
Great plug-in, it solved a problem that has been annoying me for months!
I will have this plugin working and it's incredible, and then suddenly it stops working and I get my audio feeding back into my ear randomly making it impossible to concentrate on the person I am talking to. I want to love this plugin, but unfortunately with the fact it stops working randomly (on my mac using virtual cables a and b) I can't love it. I will continue using my external mixer until this begins working better.
Excellent, now the pastor can hear easily through his spearks and me through my headphones!
It's excelent for streaming