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Advanced Scene Switcher 1.23.1

I just have one problem, can you make it so that you can add OBS to the ignore scene switch list and Google Chrome as a whole rather than just specific tabs? Thanks so much, love it!
Works great for me! Thanks
Tnx for your work, but this plugin don't work for me... I've 3 scenes with videos and won't work
If you describe your problem in a bit more detail in the discussion thread I might be able to help you get it working or fix the potential issue. Thanks!
Overall great tool
I'm missing a feature, to keep one scene active while a window is open
e.g. - while game is running, keep scene active even if I alt+tab - do not switch to default scene
Ignore Windows and Executable based scene switching could work for this case.
this is great stuff! just what I needed, works like a charm.

thank you!
I didn't want to switch over to Studio because this plugin was missing, as soon as I saw it was available I immediately switch. Great job, works great, can't complain!
Bloody brilliant, should be standard feature in obs.