windows media player just showing a black bar in window capture


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not sure whats going on here but when i try to capture windows media player through window capture all i get is this black bar, which appears to be capturing the bottom of the window as my cursor does a weird repeating effect when i hover over it. maybe its something to do with encoding? i dont know
this is the latest log file


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I cannot duplicate this.
1. Using Windows Update, update Windows 10 to the newest available version.
2. To ensure that OBS Studio has the hardware resources it needs for realtime streaming and recording, we recommend disabling the "Game DVR Background Recording" feature via these instructions.
3. At least one of your audio devices has a sample rate that doesn't match the rest. This can result in audio drift over time or sound distortion. Check your audio devices in Windows settings (both Playback and Recording) and ensure the Default Format (under Advanced) is consistent. 48000 Hz is recommended.
OBS Sample Rate: 48000 Hz
Headset Earphone (2- Wireless Controller): 32000 Hz
Headset Microphone (2- Wireless Controller): 16000 Hz
4. Run OBS as Admin. Right click on the shortcut, properties, advanced, check box, ok, apply, ok.