Question / Help Why is my Email Banned, OBS help also


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So I don't wanna post my NEW Email because of Privacy reasons, But I need to contact an admin to find out why my NEW EMAIL address is banned from this site?
I just created it like 2 months ago
I've never had an account before EVER on this site so i'm really confused. Is it just because its a site?
Today is the first day ever I created an account for help?
Can somebody please tell me how to contact admins?

Windows 10 Enterprise
EVGA 700 watt Power supply
i5-4690k Processor Qaud Core overclocked at 3.90GHz
Ge Force GTX760 Card 128 Bit 3 GB Memory
32GB Ram

Download - 277.14 Mbps
Upload - 20.05 Mbps

Some of my hardware is not exactly up to date but my PC is fast. I can play most games on High, Sometimes on Ultra. What Settings would be recommend?
It always seems to lag a bit when I live stream.