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  1. Mars_

    Any best settings or recommended best old versions in obs (for record and stream)

    hey umm, I have this super potato laptop with old specs, i need to record or stream because for gaming. i do not have knowledge of settings from obs but if you guys help me to know best settings of it. thank you. heres the log:
  2. W

    Hi what would be the best obs settings for my pc specs

    Ryzen 7 5800X NViDIA GeFORCE GTX 1650
  3. X

    OBS streaming settings for I5-8600k GTX 1060 6GB ram 32gb

    Hey, Im mainly looking to stream valorant/csgo/apex/pubg/gtav, can you guys help me out with all settings? Im also not sure wether to use NVENC or x264, Ive watched a few tutorials but didnt understand much, thanks in advance! (I want to stream at 1080p 60fps) (My internet is 600/600)
  4. X

    Best settings for my setup? HELP

    Hello! My setup is kinda old so I can't find any guides that tells me exactly which settings to choose. Maybe someone can help me and tell me which setting is better for me to stream with obs studio. Ok here we go: -> I want to stream 720p/60fps (if possible) My connection is My Config...
  5. S

    Best YouTube settings for my rig..

    Hey there! In February, I got a better custom gaming PC (mainly for better gaming but also for STREAMING) and have been trying to get the OBS settings right for YouTube (and somewhat Twitch) but have had zero success every time I try and test stream. The output on YouTube ends up being blurry...
  6. T

    Question / Help best OBS settings?

    My PC specs are: i7 7700K 4.7GHz overclocked GTX 1660Ti 6GB overclocked 16GB DDR4 3200MHz overclocked I always play and record CS:GO every single day for my videos. I get around 400 FPS in csgo average on medium-high settings at 1440x1080. My monitor is 1920x1080. I record in 1440p for better...
  7. S

    Question / Help Best OBS Studio settings for low end PC?

    So I have been having trouble recording my game with OBS Studio because it's always at 5 fps and I can't figure out how to make it faster. Any settings suggestions? My system specifications: Intel core i3-8300U CPU Intel UHD graphics 620 6GB Ram

    Question / Help OBS Setting For Mid End laptop

    So I Wanna Know best Setting For OBS In My laptop Laptop Spec -Intel Core I& 8750H 2.20ghz -8GB Ram DDR4 -NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 So When i Try To Look At The Video the color is not smooth but very rough And This Is My OBS Setting
  9. S

    Question / Help Why is my Email Banned, OBS help also

    So I don't wanna post my NEW Email because of Privacy reasons, But I need to contact an admin to find out why my NEW EMAIL address is banned from this site? I just created it like 2 months ago I've never had an account before EVER on this site so i'm really confused. Is it just because its a...
  10. drakgoku1

    Question / Help Recommended settings for Strean on ryzen 5

    Hello, I currently have this Ryzen 2400g processor and there are more and more changes in OBS studio. My question would be what are the best specifications for obs studio regarding this processor when it comes to high quality streaming at 60fps. I'm currently on a "cloud gaming" platform, so...
  11. S

    Question / Help What is the best OBS settings for my specs ?

    Hey i am a Fortnite Streamer and i've struggle for the last 3 months changing and adjusting my obs streaming settings because they we're never good. I don't know if my specs are the problem or the settings but i need someone to help me find the best settings i should putfor my stream quality to...
  12. C

    Question / Help High Stream Choppiness/Frame Drops

    My specs: I5 8600k (overclocked to 4.4ghz) 1x8 gb gskill ripjaws V ram (oc'd to 3000) MSI gtx 1050ti 4gb MSI z370a pro Cooler master lite 120 water cooling I also have 3 case fans. My current streaming settings: 1280x720 60 fps 9000 bitrate (my upload is 12-15 Mbps) Encoder preset: very fast...
  13. SpectreKid

    Question / Help High quality settings with low file size?!

    Hello, and I need some OBS settings that can give me high quality gameplay 1080p 60fps with a fairly small file size. I need a small file size since I need to upload to YouTube, and I will compress them later, but I need at least 1.3gb for 10 minutes or smaller. Specs: Core i7 6700 Rx560 16gb...