Webcam and Media Sources (High GPU % Usage) "HELP"


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Ok, so the problem I'm encountering is that when I have my "Webcam" and "Media Source (my overlay)" enabled, its starts chowing my GPU percentage indicated in the below image. I've read up quite a bit about it and I know why, because it needs to render frames etc etc.

I want to know if there is any better way for me to implement my overlays or a way of maybe compressing it or different video format I can use.
My overlay does have transparency in it.
Also, I know it shows "Anydesk" im remotely connected to my computer as im at work, trying to solve this issue in my spare time.
I am uncertain as to why my webcam also uses quite a lot of resources (maybe due to the same rendering reason?)

Pc specs:
-GPU: Ventus RTX 2060 6gb
-CPU: Ryzen 7 1700x 8core (16thread)
-RAM: 16gb 3200mhz (brand unsure of)

I dont think a log file is necessary as im aware of what the problem is, just looking for advice on what i can do, to reduce the load.
Maybe a different rendering or compression idk.
I made the overlays myself and rendered it in after effects media encoder using the "APPLE Pro Res 4444 Alpha"
This might be useful, but all of my media files are about 1gb in size, will making it smaller help in terms of GPU load? If so, how can I render them in order to ensure i maintain my transparency in my overlays as well as get the smallest file size possible while maintaining the transparency.

Thank you for taking the time to ready this.


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Convert your files to WebM in the resolution they will be displayed at in the canvas.
You may need to lower the resolution and/or framerate for your webcam. It's hard to tell without a log.


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Thank you for the feedback i really appreciate it <3
upon posting my initial help request here,I did more digging and found out that it was due to my file size being enormous, so i got "ffmpeg" to convert my mov files to webm and that fixed my issue, thank you so much for the help, i really appreciate it.