Question / Help Video Feeds are Grainy in OBS studio


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Hello, I'm new to using OBS and I'm getting grain on both gameplay and Camera. the noise/grain appears on the OBS live view, recording and on stream. the video passthrough monitor looks great I've tried everything from uninstalling and reinstalling, playing with the rec central settings, camera setting, bit rate adjustment, codec changing, changing out cables trying different capture cards, trying different cameras I have tried EVERYTHING please help.

My computer specs are
Intel i7-8700 processor at 3.7 Hz
16gb ram
Nvidia 2080 graphics card

Equipment I use is
Two Aver media live gamer portable 2 plus's
Canon c100 camera

Here is my log


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Ok, ended up putting an BlackMagic UpDownCross between the mac (graphics, video, ProPresenter6) and our video switch. Cleared up the problem immediately. Though I was hoping for a software solution I'm ok with a hardware fix.