1. C

    Question / Help Video Feeds are Grainy in OBS studio

    Hello, I'm new to using OBS and I'm getting grain on both gameplay and Camera. the noise/grain appears on the OBS live view, recording and on stream. the video passthrough monitor looks great I've tried everything from uninstalling and reinstalling, playing with the rec central settings, camera...
  2. Smolt

    Question / Help Graininess/Low Quality Videos & Streams

    Whenever I start a recording/stream, it always ends up looking quite grainy and all in all just low quality. Anyone know what is causing this? Here's my settings:
  3. Louzsy

    Question / Help Stream is grainy and not the best quality

    My stream is grainy and not the best quality it could be it might not be that bad, but I want to get the most out of OBS My stream vod: Log: Any help would be appreciated Edit: FIXED i went to reddit and...