grainy picture

  1. P

    Video colors smearing/staying (and OK-ish fps)

    The visuals do this weird thing in the video I recorded, it's sorta like some of the color stays for longer than it should? Seems kinda grainy? Idk, it's hard to describe. Also, the video's fps is ok, but it does seem kinda choppy at times. If anyone has recommendations on how I can fix this...
  2. AngryAndy

    Question / Help My stream quality is bad (grainy and pixelated) changing settings makes no differences

    I recently started streaming on Youtube from a PC and after a few streams I noticed my livestream quality is abysmal. My CPU and GPU specs are great (Ryzen 9 and MSI Geforce GTX 1660) so I doubt its a problem with my PC, which handles my games on High->Ultra settings and I notice no drop in...
  3. AnonymousDuck

    Question / Help Disabling Hyper-Threading Making Recordings "Grainy"

    I'm bad at everything. But anyway, I had to disable my hyper-threading to stop some of my games from crashing for no reason. However, all of my videos in OBS have a "grainy" look to the surfaces. (Doesn't happen in-game) Idk how to fix this tho. Best Example: In Game Video
  4. C

    Question / Help Video Feeds are Grainy in OBS studio

    Hello, I'm new to using OBS and I'm getting grain on both gameplay and Camera. the noise/grain appears on the OBS live view, recording and on stream. the video passthrough monitor looks great I've tried everything from uninstalling and reinstalling, playing with the rec central settings, camera...