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Using OpenLP Interface for Lyrics - Display text from OpenLP slides as subtitles in your stream.

Hello, in this guide I'll explain how to use the OBS-OpenLP Interface tool to display text from songs that you are presenting on OpenLP as subtitles in your stream.

Setting up OpenLP
Set up the tool
First, in OpenLP, go to Settings -> Manage Plugins and make sure to enable the Remote plugin. Next, download the tool and extract the files into a...
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Been trying to implement that but I can't get the open lp lyrics to show in OBS. Installation and configuration went well, from the PC where OBS is running I can open the OPENLP stage URL and it displays fine. The browser dock control i OBS is loading even if it displays nothing besides the "Current slide:" field.

Can't seem to figure out where the problem is coming from. Any idea ?