Question / Help Using an Onboard camcorder MIC?


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Im planning a 24 hour live stream for this Friday, and I’m gonna be streaming from 2 different places. 1 area is where I normally stream( my computer), and the second place is from my living room where my camcorder will be set up at(camcorder is an ActinNow camcorder with an attached MIC through the Aux).

Everything with my first streaming area is fine, and my video output with the camcorder is fine as well. The problem I’m having is OBS isn’t picking up my Attached mic on the camcorder and is instead using my USB mic that's attached to the computer as the audio source. So my question is, is there a way to add my attached mic as 2nd audio source?


If it's not "picked up" by the camcorder, it's not going to magically be seen by your computer. You could always just insert the mic into its own sound card if the camcorder isnt compatible, then sync video/audio offset in obs - if needed.