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Semi-free UP Deck 2.1.5

Hi updeckers, i use my up deck dayli and is this awesome companion, but i have one little dilema. I use simple countdown befor i go live. After 15 minutes countdown trigger button with another scene, sintax is:
Command = Countdown
Source = Timer
Val = 900
Trigger = 2
And what i want to do is somehow make after trigger, set delay and trigger another scene.

Is this somehow possible?
Hi, Leffi. Great to hear the deck is working well! It is possible : in button 2, add a 'button' command with a delay on it and you will get the second trigger.

There is also a scheduler planned to let you set up events to trigger at intervals, but that will come after the new web interface (which is almost complete). The web UI will make programming the deck a lot quicker!
Hey mate, Been playing around with this and what you have done is amazing. Would you ever consider integrating this with Stream Decks SDK. I currently already have a stream deck but all the features in UPDeck with animations etc are amazing and what I've been looking for!
MacTartan updated UP Deck with a new update entry:

Mobile / Desktop / Script all updated to v2.1.5

There are now 25 banks of 20 buttons, giving 500 total.

Connecting multiple decks : there are start and stop parameters for the stream, record and replaybuffer commands - just toggling caused a conflict when two people both tried to start/stop at the same time.

Scheduler updated - known bugs fixed - now seems to be working well.

Use a streamdeck or other deck app to press buttons. Example : call the following URL on the desktop app to press button 10 in the 'Twitch_Deck' deck...
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