UP Deck

Semi-free UP Deck 2.0.1

This test version allows multiple decks to be connected to OBS simultaneously. Good for production teams who may require more than one member to remotely control aspects of the stream.

You can now set cropping with the 'position' and 'animate' commands;

Adding an extra 'group=' parameter to commands should let you manipulate objects inside groups. Everything seems to work as expected except moving objects. Altering x/y co-ordinates doesn't work as expected when the object is grouped - will look for a fix!

Added 'media' command to update a media source in the same way as text sources and image sources;
The desktop app stopped working with the October 2018 update of Windows 10. A new version is now available.

The setvar command had a bug that could stop a variable's new value being available immediately - fixed. You can now use a host name (instead of IP address) to connect to the desktop app and control things remotely over the internet. Drawing live now has some extra configurable options and custom actions available to make it easier to use while streaming live.
You can save text files containing lists and select values from them;

Images can now be updated;

Math evaluation and repeat loops for more complex actions;

Draw on screen live, during your stream;
Added 'setvar' command to manuslly set deck variables without asking for user input;

Additional deck buttons can now be pressed with the 'button' command;
You can now activate an animation queue on a per object basis - allowing multiple animations to be scheduled to play on an object in sequence and without having to specify delay values.

simply enclose values in brackets to indicate they are relative instead of absolute - works with x and y co-ordinates, width and height, rotation.

An update to the action replay panel means you can now select a set of files by filename : replays taken during gameplay, pre-prepared news articles, etc...

'countdown' command allows you to use a text source as a countdown timer and, optionally, trigger a deck button when the timer reaches 0.

'input' command asks for input which is stored in the deck and available to use in button commands. Input is also stored with the deck when you create a backup and recovered when you restore. An example is : program a button to ask for a countdown value, then initialize a countdown using the value entered.

Animation and positioning just got easier! Create placeholder objects in scenes, then morph objects to match the position, size and rotation of the place holders with one command. Place holder objects can be on a different scene, or invisible, or both.
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