UP Deck

Free UP Deck 2.1.11

The packager (a.k.a. Combobulator)

You can package up your OBS scene collection along with optional deck, schedule and sound effects - then send it to someone else.

When you unpack on the target machine, you can then import the scene collection into OBS. A couple of things it doesn't handle yet are folders in vlc and slideshow sources. After import, you have to manually hook up your hardware like camera, capture devices, etc.

I packaged up my test scenes on Windows 10 then unpacked on Macbook - all working OK.

Since it's new, I would recommend exporting your scene collection from OBS as a backup - just to be safe. I'm pretty sure we'll find a few bugs, but working well so far.
Now totally free - now more 20 minute limit.

There are now 25 banks of 20 buttons, giving 500 total.

Connecting multiple decks : there are start and stop parameters for the stream, record and replaybuffer commands - just toggling caused a conflict when two people both tried to start/stop at the same time.

Scheduler updated - known bugs fixed - now seems to be working well.

Use a streamdeck or other deck app to press buttons. Example : call the following URL on the desktop app to press button 10 in the 'Twitch_Deck' deck;
V2.1 has the new browser user interface which makes setting up deck buttons a lot quicker and easier : you can select / resize / crop icons and add button commands on your PC instead of your device. Both mobile app and desktop app need to be updated to the new version.
You can now animate or set a source's filter properties.

Demo : https://youtu.be/R6-RlsB03CE
Docs : https://8up.uk/docs/Animating_filters
This test version allows multiple decks to be connected to OBS simultaneously. Good for production teams who may require more than one member to remotely control aspects of the stream.

You can now set cropping with the 'position' and 'animate' commands;

Adding an extra 'group=' parameter to commands should let you manipulate objects inside groups. Everything seems to work as expected except moving objects. Altering x/y co-ordinates doesn't work as expected when the object is grouped - will look for a fix!

Added 'media' command to update a media source in the same way as text sources and image sources;
The desktop app stopped working with the October 2018 update of Windows 10. A new version is now available.

The setvar command had a bug that could stop a variable's new value being available immediately - fixed. You can now use a host name (instead of IP address) to connect to the desktop app and control things remotely over the internet. Drawing live now has some extra configurable options and custom actions available to make it easier to use while streaming live.
You can save text files containing lists and select values from them;

Images can now be updated;

Math evaluation and repeat loops for more complex actions;

Draw on screen live, during your stream;