UP Deck

Free UP Deck 2.1.19

UP Deck is a programmable control deck for OBS Studio - available for android and iOS.

Features so far...
  • Add multiple actions to each button.
  • Create toggle buttons for on/off, show/hide type functions.
  • Create button groups and hilite last touched in group.
  • Switch scenes and transitions.
  • Show and hide scene items.
  • Move scene items around - on and off screen.
  • Move, resize and rotate scene items with animation.
  • Basic EaseIn and EaseOut effects.
  • Control volume and muting of audio sources.
  • Stop and start streaming and recording.
  • Stop and start external processes (music apps, etc.).
  • Play sound effects.
  • All actions have an optional delay parameter.
  • Send keystrokes to OBS / other applications.
  • Use text sources as counters / score boards.
  • Update the text of any text source.
  • New effects : EaseInOut, EaseOutIn and EaseOutElastic.
  • Fade in / out one or multiple audio sources.
  • Set or animate the opacity of objects.
  • Activate / deactivate filters on objects.
  • Backup decks to device and desktop / laptop.
  • Restore backups on other devices.
  • Trigger deck buttons using OBS hotkeys.
  • Buttons can contain actions to press other buttons.
  • Capture action replays during gameplay.
  • Select replays, news videos, etc. to show during a stream - not limited to action replays.
  • Display a countdown timer and optionally trigger a deck button on completion.
  • Buttons can ask for user input and store it in the deck. You can then use those stored values in your button commands.
  • Animation and positioning just got easier! - morph an object to the position, size and rotation of another object (even from another scene).
  • Relative positioning and animation of objects (including resize and rotation).
  • Animation queues to play multiple animations on objects in sequence.
  • Set deck variables without asking for user input.
  • Select values from predefined lists that you have created.
  • Update the image shown on any image source.
  • Math evaluation and repeat loops for more complex actions.
  • Update or animate a source's cropping.
  • New group parameter added to reference grouped sources.
  • Connect multiple decks simultaneously for team collaboration.
  • Animate or set a source's filter properties.
  • Use a streamdeck or external deck app to press buttons via the desktop app.
  • Scheduler : set repetitive actions / alerts, etc. to run at regular intervals.
  • Open URL's in your browser - or in the background.
  • Package up a scene collection along with deck / schedule and SFX.
  • Unpack a package sent to you from someone else and import.
  • Switch scenes with scripted transitions.
  • Dockable inside OBS.

Twitter : https://twitter.com/UP_Deck
Discord : https://t.co/sMlAlR41p6
Scripted transitions : https://t.co/RFm8pwTMDc
Animating filters demo : https://youtu.be/R6-RlsB03CE
Animating a camera object : https://youtu.be/ZfxCpsSlZXI
Animating camera part 2 : https://youtu.be/XHOOoR-Zvyo
New scoreboard function : https://youtu.be/PySUEl6Micg
Easing effects : https://youtu.be/RH5P6T3g-Kc
Action replays : http://8up.uk/docs/Action_replays
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  3. Desktop app v2.1.9

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Latest reviews

Works absolutely perfect.
Absolutely fantastic. Allows you to perform every single idea you have. The limit is your imagination
This is by far the best stream deck solution, thank you!!!!!!!!!
This is a fantastic product. Having the new web interface makes it much easier to copy logic between different decks. Having multiuser allows me to give a version of my deck to the 'talent' in a show so they can control certain aspects of the production. This has made my life much easier.
Just an amazing work. It is a 100% professional app. Thanks a lot for share with us your development
Been meaning to leave a review on here, this is an excellent product with great support. Why pay for the touchscreen device (you know which one) when you already own one (i.e. your phone)? This is the power of an open source platform. It takes a little bit of programming skill (though videos walk you through it), but the end result is an awesome transition tool on your phone/tablet. Super nice dev BTW.
An amazing tool! Indeed, he must have a future for OBS. He is not a competitor.
Amazing app!
Very flexible and powerful!

P.S. Bought full version for iOS.
A must have for OBS! Object animation, fake camera movements and do several commands on a push of a button!
Very usefull app! Waiting for more updates.