UP Deck

Semi-free UP Deck V1.9.1

UP Deck is a programmable control deck for OBS Studio - available for android and iOS.

Features so far...
  • Add multiple actions to each button.
  • Create toggle buttons for on/off, show/hide type functions.
  • Create button groups and hilite last touched in group.
  • Switch scenes and transitions.
  • Show and hide scene items.
  • Move scene items around - on and off screen.
  • Move, resize and rotate scene items with animation.
  • Basic EaseIn and EaseOut effects.
  • Control volume and muting of audio sources.
  • Stop and start streaming and recording.
  • Stop and start external processes (music apps, etc.).
  • Play sound effects.
  • All actions have an optional delay parameter.
  • Send keystrokes to OBS / other applications.
  • Use text sources as counters / score boards.
  • Update the text of any text source.
  • New effects : EaseInOut, EaseOutIn and EaseOutElastic.
  • Fade in / out one or multiple audio sources.
  • Set or animate the opacity of objects.
  • Activate / deactivate filters on objects.
  • Backup decks to device and desktop / laptop.
  • Restore backups on other devices.
  • Trigger deck buttons using OBS hotkeys.
  • Buttons can contain actions to press other buttons.
  • Capture action replays during gameplay.
  • Select replays, news videos, etc. to show during a stream - not limited to action replays.
  • Display a countdown timer and optionally trigger a deck button on completion.
  • Buttons can ask for user input and store it in the deck. You can then use those stored values in your button commands.
  • Animation and positioning just got easier! - morph an object to the position, size and rotation of another object (even from another scene).
  • Relative positioning and animation of objects (including resize and rotation).
  • Animation queues to play multiple animations on objects in sequence.
  • Set deck variables without asking for user input
Short demonstration : https://youtu.be/fc9hM0fkEWo
Animating a camera object : https://youtu.be/ZfxCpsSlZXI
Animating camera part 2 : https://youtu.be/XHOOoR-Zvyo
New scoreboard function : https://youtu.be/PySUEl6Micg
Easing effects : https://youtu.be/RH5P6T3g-Kc
Action replays : http://8up.uk/docs/Action_replays
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Latest updates

  1. Set deck variables manually / Press additional deck buttons

    Added 'setvar' command to manuslly set deck variables without asking for user input...
  2. Animation queues

    You can now activate an animation queue on a per object basis - allowing multiple animations to...
  3. Use relative values for positioning, resizing and rotation

    simply enclose values in brackets to indicate they are relative instead of absolute - works with...

Latest reviews

Amazing app!
Very flexible and powerful!

P.S. Bought full version for iOS.
A must have for OBS! Object animation, fake camera movements and do several commands on a push of a button!
Very usefull app! Waiting for more updates.
Works flawlessly! Purchased! Adds tons of power and a few features I was needing in OBS!
Simply wonderful idea, adoring every second using! I already made the purchase and I recommend it to friends!