UP Deck

Free UP Deck 2.1.19

Version 1.21 of the OBS Lua script ( http://8up.uk/docs/Download_the_OBS_lua_script )

Three additional easing effects have been added : EaseInOut, EaseOutIn and EaseOutElastic.
As well as using text sources as counters, you can now just update their text.

Easing effects and a message box with its text being updated : https://youtu.be/RH5P6T3g-Kc
With version 1.2 of the OBS Lua script that comes with UP Deck ( http://8up.uk/docs/Download_the_OBS_lua_script ), you can now initialise text sources with a value and then use them as counters or score boards. An example of the counter command : http://8up.uk/docs/Counters__Updating_text_sources
V1.31 is a Linux only update. Now all simulated keystrokes sent from the deck to OBS (and other applications) seem to be getting through, which brings the Linux version up to par with Windows and Mac. Use this feature to trigger hotkeys, etc.
The UP Deck desktop app can now handle sound effect requests instead of passing then through to the Lua script for processing. Keystrokes can also be sent to OBS or other applications (although Linux is problematic, and needs some more investigation)
The DragPad feature has been added to v1.1, allowing manipulation of objects on screen using your tablet while you stream. Useful for on screen pointers while presenting information or training - also good for a bit of fun :)

Minor bug fixes include a fix to the copy and paste functions and a pop up error that occasionally appeared when editing commands with long parameter lists.