UP Deck

Semi-free UP Deck 2.1

An update to the action replay panel means you can now select a set of files by filename : replays taken during gameplay, pre-prepared news articles, etc...

'countdown' command allows you to use a text source as a countdown timer and, optionally, trigger a deck button when the timer reaches 0.

'input' command asks for input which is stored in the deck and available to use in button commands. Input is also stored with the deck when you create a backup and recovered when you restore. An example is : program a button to ask for a countdown value, then initialize a countdown using the value entered.

Animation and positioning just got easier! Create placeholder objects in scenes, then morph objects to match the position, size and rotation of the place holders with one command. Place holder objects can be on a different scene, or invisible, or both.
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The command to press another deck button only worked when used in buttons 1 - 20. The mobile app has been updated to v1.5.1, which fixes the bug.
Turn the whole tablet into one big button - then tap anywhere on screen to record an instant replay using the OBS replay buffer. Take as many replays as you like, then select and replay your best moments during your stream. Buttons can also be programmed with actions that press other buttons.

More info on action replays : http://8up.uk/docs/Action_replays

A couple of minor bug fixes as well...
  • application error after editing button then swiping screen.
  • pressing deck buttons while they are obscured behind the backup panel.

Latest versions;
Mobile app = V1.5
Desktop app = V1.4.1
OBS Lua script = V1.4.1
Mobile app, Desktop app and OBS Lua script have all been updated and tagged V1.4

Backup the current deck layout to your mobile device, or to your desktop / laptop. Mobile backups allow you to switch decks quickly if you have multiple deck layouts and desktop backups allow you to share decks between devices by restoring them to whichever device you connect with.

Use OBS hotkeys to simulate pressing the deck buttons. At the moment, this treats all buttons as normal buttons : toggle buttons only fire the actions associated with the button's normal state.
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A bug (typo) was introduced in v1.23 of the OBS Lua script, so v1.24 is out early! Usually wait until the new docs are on the web site, but they will appear shortly. This version allows you to activate and deactivate filters on scene items.

You can now set or animate the opacity of objects using the position command or the animate command. (a new alias for position has also been added : opacity)

Other updates...
When positioning objects, you no longer have to specify both x and y co-ordinates.
When setting bounding box size, you no longer have to specify both width and height.
Version 1.21 of the OBS Lua script ( http://8up.uk/docs/Download_the_OBS_lua_script )

Three additional easing effects have been added : EaseInOut, EaseOutIn and EaseOutElastic.
As well as using text sources as counters, you can now just update their text.

Easing effects and a message box with its text being updated : https://youtu.be/RH5P6T3g-Kc
With version 1.2 of the OBS Lua script that comes with UP Deck ( http://8up.uk/docs/Download_the_OBS_lua_script ), you can now initialise text sources with a value and then use them as counters or score boards. An example of the counter command : http://8up.uk/docs/Counters__Updating_text_sources
V1.31 is a Linux only update. Now all simulated keystrokes sent from the deck to OBS (and other applications) seem to be getting through, which brings the Linux version up to par with Windows and Mac. Use this feature to trigger hotkeys, etc.