Question / Help Trying to create setup for Another Streamer

Hi all,

I am trying to make a setup for a streamer. I want to make multiple scenes, overlays, intro and outro stuff... basically the whole works. I can't do it from his system (He lives in another country), so is there a way I can design the whole setup on my system and just send it to him?



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Sort of. You can create a scene collection, create the scenes and add all the sources, and then use the "Export" item of the Scene Collection menu to save your collection of scenes as a file you can send your friend. They can then use the "Import" item of the same menu to import the scenes you have created.

However, sources are references to specific devices, like audio and video devices, or to specific files in the case of Media sources. These sources will break on your friend's computer. Overlays that are created with the Browser source will be fine.