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Transition Table 0.2.7


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A scene in red indicates you have a rule for a scene that does not exist anymore.
The order of entering transition rules does not matter. The priority order is: from scene, to scene, any scene.
Hello @Exeldro ,

and Bravo, your plug-in is so easy !
have you make a plug in to blur a video ( or a picture ) on Mac! because shaderfilter don't work on Mac !

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Any chance that this could be further simplified by adding hotkeys to specific transitions types?


@ukie I don't understand what you want, can clarify it for me?
It would be nice to have an option to change the default transition type with a hotkey.
For example, F5 can be used to change the default transition to FADE, and F6 sets the default transition to CUT.
These hotkeys can then be mapped to Stream Deck to quickly change between transition types.

So there would also be more flexibility, rather than only tying each scene direction to a specific transition type.


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Awesome plugin! Any chance it's possible to add a global "Activate/Deactivate" toggle to the Tools/Transition Table screen? I'm using OBS for a theatrical application, and each of my 40 scenes have custom Transition Table timings during the show, but while doing bulk editing it would be great to turn off all the Transition Table timings and use the OBS default scene transitions settings (In this case: "Cut"). Is that possible?


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Добрый вечер! подскажите, у меня 7 сцен, одна сцена отвечает за повтор, когда я нажимаю горячую клавишу после 5 секунд повтор запускается в прямую трансляцию и отключается автоматом и переходит на предыдущую сцену, возможно ли сделать переход только между 2х сцен, в момент включения повтора и обратно?


@RichieTee can you provide the scene collection for me to try and replicate what goes wrong?
Apparently it had to do with some conflict between OBS Transition Matrix and Transition Table.
I had to uninstall both plugins, delete the scene collection and reinstall only Transition Table


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@Kevin1975 What is the behavior you are expecting and what is the behavior you are experiencing?
I was hoping that this would turn off/on the transition table so I could pick and choose another transition on the fly that is different to that I had set in the transition table. What actually happens is the transition I stipulated in the transition table happens regardless of the enable or disable state.