Text in Chat/Stream Information Dock is Blurry


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The text in the chat dock and stream information dock gets very blurry. When I move my mouse over them the text goes in and out of focus. But if I move my mouse off of them after a short time the text gets blurry again. None of the other docks are doing this.

I was running into the same issue when using Slack, all he text would be blurry until I moved the mouse over it. The fix for that was to turn off hardware acceleration. I added a photo of what it looks like. Any info on how to handle that in OBS would be greatly appreciated!


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I just posted about this last week. I guess it hasn't ever been addressed. I just noticed it in the recent update. Maybe it was fixed and was accidentally reverted. Did you ever see any change in this or is it still doing it? It's highly problematic.
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@LazloTheRascal Ive been having the same issue. I fixed it once before in the past but i dont remember how. This issue for me happened again just a couple days ago when i tried to extend my 2 displays and use one for obs monitor and one for the actual game i was streaming. There's no answers to this problem that i could find online, but i believe i fixed it in the past by continuously switching which monitor was my main display and duplicating the display and switching back etc. I am currently trying to fix this problem again and will post here when i find out the remedy.


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@LazloTheRascal You can try turning off the gpu hardware acceleration, it fixed it for me. And do you use laptop or desktop? In any case, do you also use an adaptor like HDMI to VGA or something else?


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i fix it with a reset of the nvidia 3D settings. The gpu hardware acceleration on my system was allready off :-) I hope it helps for some of you ( Sorry my english is baaaaaaaadddddd


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Hey everyone! Thanks for the responses @Atlantis_Court your advice definitely worked! I looked a little further and saw, at least for me, when I had anti-aliasing on in the nvidia control panel, that's when the text in OBS was blurry. When I turned it off the text was fine.

I verified that the only settings that were different than the default on my end was the anti-aliasing was set to on and I had my max FPS set to 100. At this point my control panel is just set back to the default settings and it's seems to be working